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This week’s Events

This week’s educational offerings are a bit more cerebral than usual. We have three workshops that discuss collaborative negotiation, introducing an element of  dominance and submission into your relationship, and discovering how to obtain the same legal rights as a married couple when you have a less than conventional family or love relationship situation, respectively. Have fun discovering!

Thursday, September 18 at 7:30pm

Consent & Negotiation for a Sex Positive World with Sar Surmick

Whether you’re brand new to Sex Positive Culture or an old hand, there are two primary skills you need to navigate interacting with others: Consent  and Negotiation. It’s a simple idea: sit down with someone to come to a mutual understanding about what you want, what they want, and what the boundaries are. And, this simple idea can get difficult when you’re negotiating emotional, complicated, or vulnerable things. Come and get some tips, tricks and tools about how to have a good and effective negotiation with someone whether you’re requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug.

Join us for this opening discussion on these two very important skills. Then take what you learn out into the larger world (or to the Grind that night) to help us create a more Sex Positive World one interaction at a time.

Cost at the door: $15 or Free for current CSPC members.

Saturday, September 20 at 6pm

Impermanent Protocols with Rose Riley

Curious about trying out a Dominant/submissive (D/s) element in your relationship? Have a D/s relationship in your day-to-day life, but want to kick it up a notch for that special event? A short-term agreement can be the perfect opportunity to try new things and push boundaries while maintaining a safety net. We’ll cover hot ideas, potential pitfalls, and do a few writing exercises to help you discover and solidify your ideal protocol-for-a-day.
Cost at the door: $20. Advance: $15

A helpful guide for increasing your enjoyment of protocol parties at the CSPC such as the Libertine Social Club.

Sunday, September 21 at 7pm

Legal Options for Non-Traditional Relationships

Attorney Benjamin Premack of The Premack Law Office, PLLC, will lead a workshop on how people in non-traditional polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships can enjoy many of the same legal powers and rights as married couples. He will discuss a variety of matters including issues of inheritance, property ownership/co-ownership, health care, children, finances, end of life planning, and planning in the event of an end to the relationship.

Cost at the door: $25. ($5 off at the door for 9/21 Poly Potluck & Discussion attendees with voucher.)
Advance: $20- Individuals, $35- Couples and $50- Triads.

Featured photo by Jim Duvall.