Lee Harrington in Seattle!

This weekend, Lee Harrington visits Seattle to  participate in the Visual Art Jury for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. As an activist and educator, Lee is making a wonderful contribution to SEAF2017! We are also incredibly honored and pleased to host two workshops with Lee this Sunday!

Whether you want to get better at roleplaying in the bedroom, or learn how to deliver a fantastic paddling, Lee is a wonderful teacher to get you started having more fun with your partner(s)!

Tickets at the door of Club Sapphire: $25. In Advance: $20 (Solo) $36 (Duo) and $54 (Trio). Be sure to check out the special online ticket prices for those who wish to attend both of Lee’s classes here!

Consent Fest 2017

The Consent Academy Presents:

Consent Fest 2017: Let the Change Begin!

Wednesday January 25th, 2017 at the Optimism Brewery, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Move forward aware and prepared into 2017 with the Consent Academy. Join us and other organizations for a FREE all-ages community festival celebrating Consent Culture with games, education, and prizes.

2016 was quite the rollercoaster. Move forward into 2017 with hope as we process all the changes happening right now. The Consent Academy is building Consent Culture as a path to positive change in these tumultuous times. Come focus on consent in all areas of life to create a safer world for you and your community.

The Consent Academy is a collective of consent educators and experts. We are committed to building Consent Culture across the country through classes, workshops, and consultations for groups of all sizes; businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Optimism Brewery is a brewery solely focused on making beer!  They have created a large community space for people to gather around a good beer and shared ideas. They take as their ideal that optimism makes challenging things possible, whether in yourself or in the world. The Consent Academy is happy to join them in this quest.

For more information contact:
Sar Surmick, Director Consent Academy
425-298-3515  /  [email protected]

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Every one of us here at the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture (FSPC) and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) send you our warmest winter wishes! We hope your holidays are joyous and that the new year will bring you much love, art, and shenanigans!

Thank you so much for the support you have given us throughout the year with your donations and ticket purchases.

As this year comes to a close, we ask you to add the FSPC to the list of charities for your end of year giving. While some of our events are self-supporting programs of the Foundation, we have
many programs that benefit the public that rely upon donations from supporters like you. Access to our Sex Positive Library and monthly workshops on Safer Sex and Consent are just a few services that we offer the public free of charge.

Donations can be made online here or by mailing a check to FSPC: 1037 NE 65th Street Suite 356, Seattle, WA 98115. You can choose to donate to the general fund or directly to a specific program. Our new program, Consent Academy, will make its debut in January. I invite you to be among the first people to support this groundbreaking program that aims to create a better world by promoting respectful interaction through consent education.

We are grateful for anything you can give to help further our mission of promoting personal and cultural acceptance of consensual sexuality through education and the arts.

Photo by Alison Douglas.

Yours in creating a healthier, sexier,

more consensual world,
Sophia Iannicelli
Executive Director
 with Leila Anasazi, SEAF Exhibition Curator