A Weekend of Learning!

Join us this weekend at the Center for Sex Positive Culture for three workshops by two incredible presenters.

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Saturday August 25th – 3pm

Mac, aka GQ2, a counselor and educator since 1993, will teach “The Beautiful Goodbye” at 3pm.

This class will address transitioning or ending a relationship that has a power exchange dynamic.

Topics to be touched on will be un-collering ceremonies, personal ritual to move toward wholeness and healing the grief and loss.

This workshop will be held in the Annex and is $20. No membership necessary.

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Sunday August 26th – 11am and 2pm

Dr. Mark Olson, a neuroscience researcher, will introduce you to the world of Neuroscience and how it can help you understand sexuality and the creation of sustainable relationships.

“The Neuroscience of Sexuality” starts at 11am and “Designing Thriving, Sustainable Relationships: Perspectives from Neuroscience and Permaculture” will start at 2pm.

These two workshops will be held in the Main Space and the cost for each is $20, or $35 if you pay for both workshops at the same time. No membership necessary.

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For questions about these workshops or other educational opportunities, please email us: [email protected].

Our Worlds Halloween Carnival

What’s this!? Evoke sexuaLITy is proud to invite you to come play with us at our first ever pansexual play party, benefiting the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture’s new literary magazine.

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Our Worlds Halloween Carnival : Unleash Your Fantasies and Play With Us

A pansexual play party at the Center for Sex Positive Culture

Halloween – Wednesday, October 31
Doors open at 7:30pm, Party runs until 1am
Off World Salon is open 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Center for Sex Positive Culture (Annex entrance)
1608 15th Ave W
Seattle WA 98119

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Step into Our Worlds where dragons, faeries, vampires, and witches await you in our Fantasy World… travel on to a world far far away in Iconic Sci-fi… and when you’re ready to come back from where no one has gone before, but not necessarily to Earth, then join us in the wonderful world of Tim Burton for all the weird, sexy, and exaggerated awesome you can stand!

Camouflage yourself in costume and enter the costume contest with amazing prizes.

Come early and indulge in the Off World Salon for pre-party hair and makeup to get those finishing touches on your costume just right!

Then come on in and enjoy hot music , savor tasty treats, and let the Between Worlds Mocktail Lounge slate your thirst as you explore each exciting world.

Don’t miss your chance to pose for  professional photographers and get your picture taken with one (or all!) of our marvelous backdrops: we have a backdrop for each of the three worlds!

Plus games, art, and prizes await you with the following fun activities:

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[li]Pop the cherry, win a prize! [/li]
[li]Pitch your luck in our pumpkin pitch and wow your friends [/li]
[li]Bob for…? Come use your talented mouth to win prizes [/li]
[li]Test your wits in our chalk outline scavenger hunt [/li]
[li]Make your artistic mark in our very own pumpkin patch [/li]
[li]Add your dark and sexy imagination to our scrolling story[/li]
[li]And more![/li]

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Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of our 10 VIPs!

$20 Standard Ticket

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]5 Fun Tickets [/li]

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$30 Tri-Worlds Tickets (only available in advance)

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]10 Fun Tickets [/li]
[li]1 Photo Card (free set of photos) [/li]
[li]Tri-Worlds Treat Bag[/li]

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$50 – VIP Tickets (only 10 available!) – NOW SOLD OUT!

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]Reserved Parking Spot (Annex Entrance)[/li]
[li]15 Minutes Free at the Off World Salon[/li]
[li]20 Fun Tickets [/li]

[li]1 Photo Card (free set of photos) [/li]
[li]VIP Swag Bag[/li]

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Advance ticket sales end Sunday Oct 28th at 11.59 pm.
Only standard tickets will be available at the door, so indulge in VIP or Tri-Worlds Tickets today!

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Fun Tickets for Activities

All games, drinks and activities require Fun Tickets to participate, purchasable at the party for $1.00/ticket or $15.00/20 tickets.

Photo cards are available for purchase for $5.00, and include a set of professionally taken and edited photos.

The Off World Salon is $1.00/minute. Typically it will take 15 minutes for hair or makeup.

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Have Fun and Support Us

All proceeds from this event benefit Evoke sexuaLITy Literary Magazine and the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.

Support us by coming out and celebrating Halloween!

Please note: everyone 18 years old or older is welcome. Membership to the Center for Sex Positive Culture is not required.  

Spread the Word About Sexuality 2012!

Do you believe in sex positive culture, and want to advance our sexual rights and freedom?

Then be part of this historical moment as world-famous sex-positive organizations join forces for the first time.

Spread the word about Sexuality 2012, a groundbreaking panel discussion, gourmet dinner, and so much more, coming up Thursday, September 27.

How can you help promote?

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[li]Follow us on twitter and re-tweet us. [/li]
[li]RSVP on facebook and invite your friends. [/li]
[li]RSVP on FetLife and talk about it. [/li]
[li]Post our press release to your blog or website, or email it to friends. [/li]
[li]Use our promotional graphics in emails, online, and more. [/li]
[li]Talk to people! Word of mouth is always the most effective promotional tool. [/li]

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All proceeds from this fundraiser benefit The Kinsey Institute and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, bot 501c3 nonprofits. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Your support is greatly appreciated.