Bookkeeping Job Listing

Two Seattle-based non-profits seeking part time Bookkeeper

The Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture (FSPC) are seeking a shared bookkeeper. This position reports to both the Managing Director of the CSPC and the Executive Director of the FSPC.
Founded in 1999, the CSPC is a 501c(7) that is a members-based community center. The CSPC was the first of its kind and remains unique due to its nonprofit status and community center architecture. It was conceived in a bold attempt to create an environment embracing all sex positive communities and to create a space for sexual expression and dialog free of shame. In 2007, the FSPC was established as a 501c(3) sister non-profit to the CSPC.  The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture promotes personal and cultural acceptance of consensual sexuality through education and the arts. The two organizations collaborate to better advance sex positive culture and make it available to a wider audience.
The ideal candidate:
  • Is experienced in full charge bookkeeping (A/P, A/R, P/R, F/S preparation and analysis, tax filings);
  • Has experience working with QuickBooks or more complex financial or enterprise systems;
  • Can work efficiently and independently with minimal supervision;
  • Can juggle the needs of multiple organizations simultaneously;
  • Can meet deadlines and respond to Board requests and questions;
  • Is comfortable working in an office environment in which topics of sex and sexuality are discussed and displayed
Hours: 10-14 hrs/week, schedule flexible; please note that time commitment temporarily increases around major fundraisers (late April/early May; late October/early November) and tax filings (CSPC follows CY; FSPC follows Jul-Jun FY)
Location: Ballard
Pay range: $22/hr+, DOE
Email resumé and cover letter with the subject line ” Sex Positive Bookkeeper” to Sophia Iannicelli at [email protected]. For questions, you can email [email protected] or call (206)229-2185
Our current bookkeeper of the last three years has recently landed the full time job of her dreams. She is kindly taking care of our books while we search for her replacement. Our bookkeeper has also offered to make herself available for on-boarding and training a new person to ensure a smooth transition for all parties.
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Satisfy Your Urges at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

SEAF2017 is more than just an art show, it’s an interactive experience with lectures with amazing educators like Tobi Hill-Meyer, art tours with festival artists, naughty figure drawing, and a myriad of ways for patrons to be a part of creating art at the festival.  A very special interactive installation by Miss Indigo Blue will be available on Saturday, April 29th, culminating in a Twirling Tassels flash mob during the dance party!

Aaaahz! returns to the festival with a bevy of seductive experiences, ranging from mild to wild. There is a special event within the festival, Aaaahmazingly Racy with gifts, prizes, and a celebratory class on champagne. And remember, consent is always respected and  observation is a valid form or participation.

World class performances await you, both on and off the stages. Midori, the renown international artist and sexuality educator, will debut “Kimono 2: What We Wear” in the US. Local luminaries Ms. Briq House, The Shanghai Pearl, Boom Boom L’Roux and Syniva Whitney as the festival’s guest curators will blow you away with their daring stage shows!

Ambient performance at SEAF is interactive art that breaks the 4th wall by using the entirety of the festival space as the stage. Ambient performers engage directly with our guests, creating an immersive environment.

We are proud to present world-class erotic art that is rarely seen in mainstream culture and redefines boundaries in exciting new ways.  Get your tickets now to experience our 15th anniversary celebrating the Erotic!

Classes as perks for our Indiegogo campaign!

Want to support us getting into our new building and go to some sexy, rough workshops?  Roughinamorato has graciously donated 3 workshops as perks for our IndieGoGo. The only way to get tickets for these workshops in September is to contribute to our campaign.

Cigar Play – Saturday, September 16 — 12:00pm

Smoke burns your eyes, you feel the hot ember nearing your skin, and you shudder at what might come next. You’re sitting at your Top’s feet, when they indicate a nice plump cigar ash on their boot… just for you. People walk by and wonder if your hair is on fire (even though you know it’s not).

Cigar play is slow and erotic, delightfully varied, from fear play to ritual branding, sensation play to beautiful sexy smokey images to actually singing hair off your bottom… even eating ash.

Nothing brings together so many possible elements: from high protocol to primal energy, power exchange to sensation play; so many choices await the cigar player. Come to this class to learn about the many forms of cigar play available to us, and see how they can be used as anything from casual play to intense scenes.


Boots & Feet: Kicking, Trampling, and Stomping – Sunday, September 17 — 12:00pm

Boots are sexy; they’re heavy and strong, and the imagery of power that they evoke runs from the force of kicking to the mental aspect of being on the ground looking up. Whether the feet are clad in combat boots, lineman’s boots, high heels, or even bare, force and fetish meet up powerfully in our feet.

Come learn more about kicking (how, where, techniques and warnings), as well as stomping, trampling, and even a little about breathing restriction. We’ll also explore the headspace of bottoming to boots, from worship to fear and intimidation.


Rough Rope – Sunday, September 17 — 2:00pm

Bondage can be mean, but let’s make it meaner! We’ll take a little time looking at some common ties and new approaches to making them meaner, both in approach, attitude, and techniques. Beyond the tie, let’s remember that there are lots of things to do with rope – lots of awful, mean, wonderful things – that have nothing to do with bondage, and we’ll explore some of them. Floggers, whips, cudgels, gags, and a quick run-through of the patented (not really) Roughinamorato Ropefist.

Bring your rope. If you already know how to tie a TK that’s great, but if you don’t know what a TK is that’s fine too – you’ll still learn some good (terrible) stuff. Attendees should bring rope if they would like to practice or follow along.


Get your tickets and help build our new home!