Become a Legend When You Donate

Leave your mark on our new home!

The Foundation and Center for Sex Positive Culture are offering you the opportunity to have your personal message or name on a Legacy Wall. This wall of polished black granite tiles, engraved in gold, will be prominently displayed in our new home.

These black granite tiles will be laid out in a checkerboard pattern on an interior wall, in one of the central areas of the new Center. The basic tile size will 4” tall by 8” wide. Each $500 donation equals a tile on the Legacy Wall. Those who purchase two tiles will have the option of two 4”x8” tiles or one 8”x8” tile.

The text on your tile will be engraved in gold Dolphin font. You can choose to have a saying or names, or combination.  4”x8” tiles can contain up to 20 spaces per line with a maximum of 3 lines. 8”x8” tiles can contain up to 20 spaces per line with a maximum of 6 lines.

We ask that if you are purchasing a tile in a third party’s name, that you have their consent. Any tiles that are discovered before, during or after installation to have been created without the consent of the person named will be removed at named person’s request. All text must be approved by the CSPC Managing Director.

The $500 purchase of a commemorative donor tile is a direct donation to the construction and furnishing of the new home of the Foundation and Center for Sex Positive Culture located at 1514 NW 46th Street.

Purchasing a tile for the Legacy Wall

  • Mail or deliver a check for $500 made out to FSPC, 1037 NE 65th Street, Suite 356, Seattle, WA 98115
  • Pay with a credit card using our secure online store, after you click on the $500 button, you may adjust the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Call (206) 229-2185 and we will process your credit card over the phone by hand
  • Pay with cash by making arrangements to meet us in person

Want your donation to go a little further? Choose to pay via check or cash to save us the credit card processing fees.

For more Information and questions: [email protected] or (206)229-2185

Example of 8″x8″ black granite tile with gold engraving.

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture is a 501(c)3 non-profirt organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extant of the law. All proceeds of this fundraiser go to the joint project of constructing a new home for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and Center for Sex Positive Culture. The full price wall tiles are tax deductible. Letters of donation are available upon request to [email protected]

Lee Harrington in Seattle!

This weekend, Lee Harrington visits Seattle to  participate in the Visual Art Jury for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. As an activist and educator, Lee is making a wonderful contribution to SEAF2017! We are also incredibly honored and pleased to host two workshops with Lee this Sunday!

Whether you want to get better at roleplaying in the bedroom, or learn how to deliver a fantastic paddling, Lee is a wonderful teacher to get you started having more fun with your partner(s)!

Tickets at the door of Club Sapphire: $25. In Advance: $20 (Solo) $36 (Duo) and $54 (Trio). Be sure to check out the special online ticket prices for those who wish to attend both of Lee’s classes here!

Consent Fest 2017

The Consent Academy Presents:

Consent Fest 2017: Let the Change Begin!

Wednesday January 25th, 2017 at the Optimism Brewery, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Move forward aware and prepared into 2017 with the Consent Academy. Join us and other organizations for a FREE all-ages community festival celebrating Consent Culture with games, education, and prizes.

2016 was quite the rollercoaster. Move forward into 2017 with hope as we process all the changes happening right now. The Consent Academy is building Consent Culture as a path to positive change in these tumultuous times. Come focus on consent in all areas of life to create a safer world for you and your community.

The Consent Academy is a collective of consent educators and experts. We are committed to building Consent Culture across the country through classes, workshops, and consultations for groups of all sizes; businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Optimism Brewery is a brewery solely focused on making beer!  They have created a large community space for people to gather around a good beer and shared ideas. They take as their ideal that optimism makes challenging things possible, whether in yourself or in the world. The Consent Academy is happy to join them in this quest.

For more information contact:
Sar Surmick, Director Consent Academy
425-298-3515  /  [email protected]