Classes as perks for our Indiegogo campaign!

Want to support us getting into our new building and go to some sexy, rough workshops?  Roughinamorato has graciously donated 3 workshops as perks for our IndieGoGo. The only way to get tickets for these workshops in September is to contribute to our campaign.

Cigar Play – Saturday, September 16 — 12:00pm

Smoke burns your eyes, you feel the hot ember nearing your skin, and you shudder at what might come next. You’re sitting at your Top’s feet, when they indicate a nice plump cigar ash on their boot… just for you. People walk by and wonder if your hair is on fire (even though you know it’s not).

Cigar play is slow and erotic, delightfully varied, from fear play to ritual branding, sensation play to beautiful sexy smokey images to actually singing hair off your bottom… even eating ash.

Nothing brings together so many possible elements: from high protocol to primal energy, power exchange to sensation play; so many choices await the cigar player. Come to this class to learn about the many forms of cigar play available to us, and see how they can be used as anything from casual play to intense scenes.


Boots & Feet: Kicking, Trampling, and Stomping – Sunday, September 17 — 12:00pm

Boots are sexy; they’re heavy and strong, and the imagery of power that they evoke runs from the force of kicking to the mental aspect of being on the ground looking up. Whether the feet are clad in combat boots, lineman’s boots, high heels, or even bare, force and fetish meet up powerfully in our feet.

Come learn more about kicking (how, where, techniques and warnings), as well as stomping, trampling, and even a little about breathing restriction. We’ll also explore the headspace of bottoming to boots, from worship to fear and intimidation.


Rough Rope – Sunday, September 17 — 2:00pm

Bondage can be mean, but let’s make it meaner! We’ll take a little time looking at some common ties and new approaches to making them meaner, both in approach, attitude, and techniques. Beyond the tie, let’s remember that there are lots of things to do with rope – lots of awful, mean, wonderful things – that have nothing to do with bondage, and we’ll explore some of them. Floggers, whips, cudgels, gags, and a quick run-through of the patented (not really) Roughinamorato Ropefist.

Bring your rope. If you already know how to tie a TK that’s great, but if you don’t know what a TK is that’s fine too – you’ll still learn some good (terrible) stuff. Attendees should bring rope if they would like to practice or follow along.


Get your tickets and help build our new home!

New home Funding Campaign is live and we need your help!

The Center for Sex Positive Culture and the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture have launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign: For those of you who may not yet know, the building that was home to both of our organizations since 1999 was sold. We have identified a new location and are looking to raise funds, in combination with current reserves, to renovate and upgrade the new location. We are looking to raise a flexible goal of $25,000 through this campaign.

Please check out the campaign and share it on your social media networks to help us get the word out. You are welcome to download the images in this post and show those as well. If you have a blog or a website, please post about it. If you belong to any groups or online communities where it is appropriate to share this, please do.

We appreciate your support helping us make Sexual Freedom for Everyone a reality.

The amazing folks at The Twisted Monk made this campaign possible with a generous sponsorship and we are eternally grateful.

ConsentCon – An Unconference

Are you passionate about consent, sexuality and kink education and activism? We want you to be part of the conversation on March 11th, 2017!

ConsentCon is a place for people to come together and learn from one another around the topics of consent, sexuality, kink and the interplay of the three. We will be spending the afternoon of Saturday, March 11th exploring topics and engaging in conversations using Open Space principles. This format’s success depends on the timely arrival and participation of all attendees. Refreshments will be on hand, and you are welcome to bring your own. After a dinner break, the Consent Academy is hosting a social where we will continue the discussion in a more relaxed format. For more details of the event, visit the calendar listing.
Based on “Open Space principles”, ConsentCon is going to be both familiar and entirely new. Kinksters and Activists have been enjoying this kind of format for years at events such as Undressing Normal, KinkForAll, and GRUE – but each happening is a special kind of event.


Every session topic at a ConsentCon has exactly one criteria: passion. What are you passionate about? Teach it, talk about it with others, ask questions. Just one thing: if you want it to happen, you have to do it. Unlike other conferences, where the staff has worked like crazy to deliver you great classes with renowned presenters, at ConsentCon you create your own classes.


Registration opens at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 11. At 1:30pm, Open Space veteran Octavia and her team of ConsentCon facilitators will lead the attendees through some fast-paced exercises to generate the schedule for the afternoon. Trust me, you’re going to want to be there early to get in on the action as soon as it starts.


You bring your passion, your knowledge, and willingness to participate! Don’t worry about whether or not other people will be interested in your topic: if you’re passionate about it, that’s enough. Don’t worry about being an “expert” – again, if you’re passionate about it, you have enough opinions and experience to at least have a good discussion about it. Decide if you think it’s a half-hour, 45 minutes, or a one hour session, and put it on the board. The facilitators will help.

Again: the schedule will fill up quickly. So it’s important to be there on time and participate in the creation of the schedule, as well as learn how the space works. 

After the grid fills, the space will open for the sessions. The main room will be sectioned to allow for some sound separation, plus the courtyard and some hallways, will be available for use. The sessions can range from a lecture, a round table discussion, a group problem-solving task force, or even just a few friends gathering in a corner working out exactly what it is that intrigues us about sexuality/consent/kink and how we view it.

We will have a computer set up as a Note Taking station. Notes will be available online to all participants. Look for easels with paper and pens around the space to assist in getting your ideas out visually.

At about 6:00, everyone will gather in the main space again, and acknowledge each other’s contribution – whether presenting, attending, discussing, whatever. Some call this a “Closing Circle”, or liken it to resolution. Think of it as necessary aftercare – if not for you, then for the others who were in the ConsentCon with you. It’s important and enlightening. You’ll want to be there.

 Be prepared.

Ticket are on sale now!