Regular Monthly Events

The Foundation proudly presents a wide variety of special interest events, discussion and support groups.

Most of these regular events are offered for a $10 suggested donation. All events are open to anyone 18+. View our calendar for full details about each of these regular events, as well as to see all our non-repeating events, including amazing workshops, Seattle Erotic Art Festival events, and more.

Special Interest Events

Our special interest events give you an opportunity to come and engage in sexy activities, from drawing live nudes, to practicing erotic massage, to developing your rope bondage skills, and more.

Erotic Massage Night

On Hiatus Until Further Notice
$25 (cash only)

A semi-regular event celebrating and enjoying massage and erotic touch. In January, May, September the first half of the evening is instruction night, followed by a massage practice session. All other months are a regular massage practice sessions.  July & August is summer break and no massage night is held those 2 months.

No Safeword Writers’ Group

Second and Fourth Sundays, 1-3pm
Bamboo Garden | 364 Roy Street | Seattle, WA 98109

A bimonthly discussion group and writers’ workshop for anyone interested in writing.

Women’s Rope Enthusiast Group

Second Thursday, 6-8:30pm
The OK Hotel – 212 Alaskan Way S, Room #108, Seattle, WA 98104
$5 Suggested Donation

A women-centered rope enthusiast group for women tops and the bottoms who like them.

Whip Enthusiast Group

On hiatus.

This group is intended for whip enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Life Drawing

On hiatus.

These drawing sessions give you a chance to draw dames in distress, tops with crops, men with men, and more. Whether you are an expert artist or a budding beginner, everyone is welcome to come and draw.

Rope Enthusiast Group

Third Sunday, Noon-3pm
Email organizers for location.
$10 Suggested Donation

This event provides a space for people to work on their rope and rope bondage skills and techniques. It is a place for our community to practice, learn and share.

Hypnokink Enthusiast Group

Fourth Saturday of May, August, November & February, 2PM-4PM
Location TBA
$10 Suggested Donation

A quarterly discussion and skill-share meeting for people interested in non-therapuetic hypnosis for kinky and erotic enjoyment.

Discussion and Support Groups

We also offer space for discussion and support groups, where people gather to talk about subjects that matter to them.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse Support Group

On hiatus.

A peer support group for any survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. This group is open to all genders and sexualities.


Second Tuesdays, starting February 2017, 7-9pm
Location TBA
$5-$10 Suggested Donation

For those living in, or interested in, Master/slave, Owner/property or any other Power Differential relationship.  Need not be in a relationship to attend the discussion.

Demystifying STIs and Safer Sex

First Thursday of even months, 7-8pm

Whether you’re new to sex or jumping back into dating, having good information about sex and the related health concerns is important. Learn what Safer Sex is and how to make it fun and easy to incorporate into romantic and playful encounters.

Sex Geekdom  Seattle Meetup

On hiatus.

Sex Geekdom is a global community for people who love having geeky conversations about sex. There are Sex Geekdom hubs throughout the US and internationally that provide a regular opportunity for like-­‐minded people to find safe space + community. Join the Sex Geekdom Seattle Facebook Group for complete details on these monthly meetups.


Poly Potluck and Discussion Group

On hiatus.

A tasty potluck followed by Potluck followed by small group discussions related to polyamory.


Consent & Negotiation for a Sex Positive World

Third Thursday of odd months, 6:30-7:30pm
Seattle Library – varies

Whether you’re brand new to Sex Positive Culture or an old hand, there are two primary skills you need to navigate interacting with others.

Switched ON! The Switch Discussion and Support Group

On hiatus.

Switched ON! is a support and discussion group centering around the role of the Switch within the BDSM community. In the most basic sense the Switch is someone who enjoys a combination of dominant/submissive or top/bottom roles in various types of play and relationship structures.

View From The Top Discussion Group

Third Mondays, 7-9pm
Email organizers for location.
$10 Suggested Donation

The Dom/me Discussion Group is a meeting and discussion space for Doms, Dommes, Tops, and switches (with their Top hats on) to talk about the Dominant’s perspective in BDSM play and relationships.


The Right Side of the Slash

Third Mondays, 7-9pm
Email organizers for location.
$10 Suggested donation

A Support Group for those who identify as submissive/bottom/slave/in-service. Join in discussing various topics important to anyone interested/involved in any submissive/bottom/slave relationship. There is a topic of discussion each month. It is not required to stay on topic.

Intimate Polarity Discussion Group

On hiatus

This group is for people with a strong masculine or feminine sexual essence who are living in a lifelong monogamous relationship or are interested in learning about it and are looking for this kind of relationship.


Library Events

Our Library is currently closed.

The Library features a broad collection of over 15,000 pieces, with something to meet every interest. The new Library will have space for on-site reading and researching. It is organized by the congressional system, and our trained staff will be on duty to assist you. Go to the Library’s page for membership information.

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Support Us

We are able to offer these events thanks to the generosity of donors. Most of these events are a small suggested donation to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Please consider making a gift to the Foundation to help us continue to offer these events and services.

Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.