Workshop: Mean Rope with Max

March 3, 2013 @ 2:30 pm – March 3, 2013 @ 5:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Center for Sex Positive Culture
1602 15th Ave. W., Seattle
WA 98119

Max’s Bondage Workshop Series: Mean Rope – Rope Skills for Sadists and Masochists

When: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Where: Main Space
Who: 18+ with ID
Cost: $35
Membership is NOT required for the workshop.

Pre-registration is NOT required.

Many of us like rope bondage because it’s pretty, sensual and intimate. Tops often like demonstrating their technical skills and bottoms often enjoy the firm, snug caress of the rope.

And some of us like being mean with our bondage – or like being tied up in mean ways.

Come learn more about using rope to produce powerful scenes and intense sensation.

We’ll cover motivation, technique, safety and some style elements which complement this type of play.

Most of our time will be spent on demonstrations and discussion but there will be a few opportunities for hands-on practice.

If you’re a top and part of your kinky repertoire is SM-based, you’ll want to see how you can use rope to facilitate your scenes.

If you’re a bottom and you crave the intensity of physically demanding scenes, you won’t want to miss these demonstrations and discussions. You’ll have opportunities to add to your skill set and mingle with a bunch of mean tops. And – Max will be looking for demo bottoms during the workshop.

A practice partner will be useful for the hands-on portions of the workshop but you’ll also get lots out of this workshop if you come alone.

As with all of Max’s workshops, there’s a handout you can use as a memory aid when you’re practicing at home.

Please bring two 30’ lengths of 6mm or 8mm rope and a few 15′ lengths of 4mm if you can.

If you don’t have suitable rope, Monk (of will be selling rope before the workshop. Please show up 15 minutes early if you would like to buy rope.

This workshop is appropriate for all skill levels and all genders / orientations. The emphasis is on learning and having fun.

About Max

Max has been active in Seattle’s kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999. He’s actively and successfully polyamorous and has several wonderful long-term partners.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage.

Max’s love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.

Max offers a substantial range of BDSM services, to include private instruction, BDSM coaching, assistance at photo shoots, pro bono work, and his always popular Two-Day Bondage Intensives.