Workshop: Introduction to Breath Play with Roughinamorato

March 9, 2013 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
114 1/2 1st Ave S #2
Seattle WA 98104 (Pioneer Square)

*This class is not being held at the CSPC*

This class is limited to 30 participants.

Where: 114 1/2 1st Ave S #2, Seattle WA 98104 (Pioneer Square)
When: Noon-2pm
Who: Anyone 18+ with ID (No other CSPC discounts or AYCE cards applicable.)
Cost: $25, $20 in advance

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Breath play, like so much of rough body play, is very primal and animalistic; the need to breathe is core to life, and tapping into that fear can lead to all sorts of fun! It can be disorienting, terrifying, fuzzy-floating… for some people it brings on heightened sensation and submission. For others, it brings an incredible sense of intimacy, focus, and connection.

We’ll talk about several methods, risks and ways to mitigate them, and some techniques to help you find the way that this type of play works best on you or your partner.

This is the third class of a series of 4 with Roughinamorato. Join him for Spanking 102 on Thursday, Predicament Bondage on Friday, and Explore Rough Body Play on Saturday evening.

About the presenter:

Roughinamorato is a charmingly sadistic bastard who firmly believes that kink should be fun; just because you’re beating or torturing someone doesn’t mean you can’t both have a good laugh between the screams. He’s been presenting and teaching in the vanilla world as a software geek for over 15 years, and active and presenting in the BDSM scene since 2006.

He runs Rough Crowd, a monthly rough body play group in Chicago, and takes that knowledge on the road with the Rough Crowd Road Trip, a rough body play intensive weekend that has made appearances in Detroit, Boston, Minneapolis, and most recently Toronto. In 2010 he created, co-organized and presented at BAM! Chicago, a rough body play intensive weekend. He’s taught at nationally-renown clubs in Chicago, GD2 and the LRA, events including Shibaricon, Rope Camp, the Fetish Flea, MadTownKinkFest, Tournament, and Spankfest/Tryst, and kink groups across the Midwest from MIN-KY in Minnesota to GRALE in Grand Rapids. He enjoys most forms of rough body play, as well as humiliation, degradation, and objectification.

His journey of self-discovery into kink and BDSM – things that have really always been there, deep inside for him – has led him to want to share that joy and pain with others, through classes about BDSM, kink, and sexual expression, both physically-oriented and mentally-focused.

Roughinamorato lives in Chicago.