No Safeword Writers’ Group

February 9, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Bamboo Garden
364 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109
$5 Donation Requested

No Safeword Writers’ Group :A discussion group and writers’ workshop for anyone interested in writing

Who: Adults 18+ With Valid ID

This group meets every second Tuesday and every fourth Sunday at Bamboo Garden.

It’s easy to be a member of No Safeword Writers’ Group. You just have to:

Have written something at least once (we’ve all done this!)

Come to a meeting

Respect yourself… and other people and their writing

It’s as easy as that! However, a sincere interest in writing erotica helps, along with a desire to improve your writing skills by getting real-time feedback from actual readers, who are also writers themselves.

Frequently Given Answers (FGA) about No Safeword Writers Group:

Attending one NSWG meeting might be a fun evening that provides you with a few interesting ideas, but those who commit to attend meetings on a regular basis will gain the most benefit from the group.

No Safeword Writers Group focuses on erotic writing, but all subjects, styles, and types of writing are welcome.

We function primarily as a critique group, through we periodically explore other areas of the writing industry, such as publications and performance readings.

If it happens that we have no writing to review at a particular meeting, then we’ll do writing exercises or discuss topics important to local writers.

You do not have to read your work out loud, but you may if you wish.

You do not have to be a professional writer. Anyone who likes to write or is even just thinking about writing is welcome. Want to write something hot for your favorite person? We’ll help you make it the best it can be. Got an idea for a book or a story, but you haven’t started writing it yet? No problem. Bring your outline to a meeting, and let’s talk about its potential and how to flesh it out.

If you want to have your writing critiqued, you need to provide us with copies in advance so that we can give you the best feedback. This can be accomplished in two ways:

Bring printed copies of your work to this month’s meeting, for people to take home and review before next month’s meeting. Clean, double-spaced copies printed in 12-pt font (14-pt is even better) are the preferred method, no more than 20 pages in length (if you have more, just break it into sections for consecutive meetings). It’s a good idea to also bring a few additional copies to the meeting when your work is scheduled for review, just in case there are new people in attendance.

Email your story/selection for review to the NSWG Yahoo group at least two weeks before the meeting (to give people time to print their own copy and review your work), and then bring a few additional copies to the meeting for new people or those without printers. Please note: you will probably not get as much feedback using this method, since you’re putting more work on your readers this way (and asking them to spend their hard-earned scheckles on printer paper), but it works as a good second alternative to the preferred method. You must attend a NSWG meeting before you will be invited to join the Yahoo Group.

Let’s get writing!

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit