Great Wide World of Non-Monogamy

February 8, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
FSPC Studio
1608 15th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119
$30 Solo at the door; $25: Solo, $45: Duo, $65: Triad in advance

A Workshop with Koe Creation

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Are you Open? How open? How open do you want to be? When we’re given permission to change the structure of our intimate relationship(s); it can feel like a great wide, slightly overwhelming, vortex has just opened up in front of us. Great! Now what?

Lucky for you, Koe has a map.
– Learn the vernacular! (Demisexual, Polyfidelitous and more!)
– Make your own Relationship Molecule.
– Describe your relationship (or not) in 2 sentences or less.

Koe knows non-monogamy. Koe grew up in the world of Polyamory and has used her years of personal experience witnessing the infinite variety of open relationships to put together a framework for you to be able to define the relationship that is going to work just right, for you!

Attendance is limited to 20 people.
Questions may be directed to: [email protected]


Koe Creation

About the Educator:

Koe Creation is a sex educator for the 21st century! Their unique life experiences as a second-generation pansexual, polyamorous, kinky, sex-geek allows Koe to inspire and instruct people about how to create functional and enriching relationship(s) in their lives. Koe has been educating about non-monogamy since 2005, appearing in major media such as the Tyra Banks show, The Montel Williams Show and The Seattle Times. Their voice can currently be found co-hosting the Polyamory Weekly podcast with Cunning Minx. Since 2012 Koe has presented 40+ workshops in the US and Canada on healthy relationships, non-monogamy & sex-positivity. Koe is currently living in the Bay Area and offers relationship coaching, workshops and public speaking for the non-monogamous and kink communities, worldwide.