Explore! Rough Body Play with Roughinamorato

March 9, 2013 @ 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle
WA 98119

An FSPC Educational Play Party with a different topic every month.

Where: Annex
When: 8pm – 12am
Formal Workshop: 8:15pm – 10pm
Cost $50 ($40 for CSPC members)
If you have paid to attend the Explore party, you can attend Black & Blues for free! (Members & Invited Guests only)

This is the fourth class of a series of 4 with Roughinamorato. Join him for Spanking 102 on Thursday, Predicament Bondage on Friday, Introduction to Breath Play in Pioneer Square on Saturday at noon. Purchase tickets to all four classes for a discount: http://www.strangertickets.com/events/7177847/its-ok-to-hit-them-with-roughinamorato

Explore! – An Extended Educational Experience

This month’s workshop: Introduction to Rough Body Play with Roughinamorato

Do you like the idea of smacking your partner and the intimacy of body-on-body contact? Do you long to be beaten with just your Top’s own flesh? Does the closeness and raw animal energy of rough body play excite you? Are you excited right now, after just having read that?

Then this class is for you.

This class is an intro and overview class on rough body play: punching, smacking, kicking, and all things body-on-body. We’ll talk thoroughly about safety, where you can hit, where you should stay away from, and cover the basics on several techniques. We’ll talk about how you can begin to explore this visceral and raw form of play safely (and without requiring medical care later) including pacing, judging a bottom’s head space, and some unexpected things to watch out for.

About the presenter:

Roughinamorato is a charmingly sadistic bastard who firmly believes that kink should be fun; just because you’re beating or torturing someone doesn’t mean you can’t both have a good laugh between the screams. He’s been presenting and teaching in the vanilla world as a software geek for over 15 years, and active and presenting in the BDSM scene since 2006.

He runs Rough Crowd, a monthly rough body play group in Chicago, and takes that knowledge on the road with the Rough Crowd Road Trip, a rough body play intensive weekend that has made appearances in Detroit, Boston, Minneapolis, and most recently Toronto. In 2010 he created, co-organized and presented at BAM! Chicago, a rough body play intensive weekend. He’s taught at nationally-renown clubs in Chicago, GD2 and the LRA, events including Shibaricon, Rope Camp, the Fetish Flea, MadTownKinkFest, Tournament, and Spankfest/Tryst, and kink groups across the Midwest from MIN-KY in Minnesota to GRALE in Grand Rapids. He enjoys most forms of rough body play, as well as humiliation, degradation, and objectification.

His journey of self-discovery into kink and BDSM – things that have really always been there, deep inside for him – has led him to want to share that joy and pain with others, through classes about BDSM, kink, and sexual expression, both physically-oriented and mentally-focused.

Roughinamorato lives in Chicago.

This is a FSPC event put on in conjunction with the CSPC. Cost is $50 for the whole evening. After the formal workshop is over, entry cost is $35. All CSPC Members receive a $10 discount. No other discounts or promotions are applicable.

Each month the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture will present a workshop immediately followed by an experiential party focused on the topic of that workshop. The featured presenter (or presenters) will be on hand for the rest of the evening to continue the conversations, be available for coaching as you try something new or feedback on the skills you learned in class as you implement them. There will also be plenty of time for socializing with other attendees to share ideas and knowledge.