Education Program

The Foundation hosts a variety of workshops on consent, relationships, sexuality & identity, sex, and kink/BDSM to help people gain a better and healthier understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We are making sex education  more accessible with the “Pay It Forward Scholarship” (PIF). This program provides an opportunity for those who can’t afford the full ticket price to “pay what you can” at participating workshops. This is also a chance for those more financially privileged to sponsor others in receiving quality sexuality education. Read more about it here.

Every month, this page will be updated with the current educational offerings. Most workshops offer discounts for purchasing tickets in advance online or over the phone, often with further discounts for buying bundled tickets for 2 or 3 people with our Duo and Trio tickets. These tickets allow entry for multiple people at a lower rate for those attending with their sweeties or friends. Please note there are no refunds for ticket purchases. However, if you find you can’t make a workshop, all tickets are fully transferable. In cases where a workshop is not sold out, we can provide a voucher in the amount of your ticket to use for another workshop or event.

Doors generally open 20 minutes before the start of the workshop, with exceptions posted. You can check the online calendar for all pertinent information. The links below go directly to ticketing pages. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Up Coming Workshops & Events


Friday, October 12 — 7:00pm
Creating Ritual, Connection, and Intention – A D/s Date Night Event ~Educator: Fredrick
Gallery Erato: $80 (Duo)  Advance: $65 (Duo) $80 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

A desire for ritual currently resonates through our culture, but many have lost a meaningful connection to teachers or learning pathways of how to create something both meaningful and unique to their personal needs.
In this workshop, Fredrick will help you with these important steps:
– How do you authentically define ritual for yourself?
– What are the basic elements of ritual in culture, music, and the mind?
– How does one become ‘present’ through the creation of personalized ritual?
– How may personalized ritual deepen trust and connection before, during, and after physical
– How may you engage the senses of sight, sound, touch, scent and taste to invoke latent
– How can a sense of grounding and connection empower both of you beyond the boudoir?
– How can you engage ritual to stimulate your daily life and D/s lifestyle?
– How does one cull the aspects of ritual that are best for your needs?
– How does one layer and sequence to create complexity, aesthetics, and connection?



Thursday, October 18 — 6:30pm
Consent Basics ~Educators: The Consent Academy
Douglass-Truth Library Meeting Room: Free

Whether you’re brand new to Consent Culture or an old hand, we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way.
 Most of us have learned the idea that No means No, but consent in a Sex Positive World goes way beyond that. Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a No. Learn how to move towards an informed Yes and even an Enthusiastic Yes.

Come and get some tips, tricks, and tools for requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug. Then take what you learn out into the larger world to help us create a more Sex Positive World one interaction at a time.


Thursday, October 18 — 7:00pm
Rope and Heels (Boots, too!) – Topping Skills for Femmes ~Educator: Trouble
Gallery Erato: $45 (Solo) $55 (Solo with Rope)  Advance: $35 (Solo) $45 (Solo with Rope) $65 (Duo)

This class focuses on building your skills and growing your confidence with basic and creative rope bondage as well as how to maintain your strong feminine energy in those oh-so-hot shoes. Students will learn how to tie a simple cuff, maneuver rope around their partner’s body – even the big, burly ones with the trick knees – all while wearing those Femme-tastic shoes.

Specifically, class will cover
~bondage safety and consent,
~tips and techniques for taking down a partner larger or stronger than yourself
~ways to move and manipulate a body with little flexibility or unhappy joints
~how to properly size shoes to get the fit and stability you need
~how to walk and tie in high heels (or boots) without tripping or getting tangled in your rope
~improved self-confidence in your look, attitude, and rope prowess.



Sunday, October 21 — 11:00am
Bondage for Beginners ~Educators: Full Circle Kink
Gallery Erato: $75. (Duo) Advance: $60 (Duo)

Interested in adding some bondage to your life, but not sure where to start? This comprehensive introductory class will introduce you to the basics of rope bondage and give you the skills you need to safely and confidently start exploring bondage on your own.

This is a bondage class rather than a knots class, so our focus is on teaching a small number of versatile techniques that you can use in all kinds of ways. To help you figure out what to do with them, we’ll have numerous fun demos of the techniques in action, along with suggestions for how to figure out what kind of kink works best for you.

We want you to focus on having fun with your partner rather than struggling to remember numerous different knots, so everything we teach has been carefully chosen to be easy to learn and use in the real world. As well as bondage techniques, we’ll cover the basics of kink and BDSM. We’ll talk about consent, safewords, negotiation, and aftercare—everything you need to know in order to start getting up to mischief.



Monday, October 22 — 7:00pm
Cinematic Masochism with Monk – a film screening of adult film “Through The Looking Glass” and lecture.
Gallery Erato: $15. Advance: $10 (General Admission) $20 (General Admission & Pay It Forward Donor)

“Through The Looking Glass” (released in France as Femme Ou Demon) is a 1976 adult film directed by Jonas Middleton and starring Catharine Burgess, Jamie Gillis, and Laura Nicholson. The film, which has avant-garde, experimental elements, concerns a bored socialite who finds herself drawn to a mirror that sexually arouses her. The film has themes of incest and the traumatic effects it has on those who have experienced it. It also contains scenes of violence and sexual violence, as well as presenting the sexual content in an artistic as opposed to erotic manner.

Monk, of, will be providing history, commentary and trivia about the film as well as historical context about its creation and impact on the sexual revolution of the 1970’s.



Tuesday, October 23 — 7:00pm
Consent on the Edge -Understanding and negotiating extreme power transfer play in a kink or BDSM context ~Educator: Jim Duvall
Gallery Erato: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $40 (Duo)

Educator Jim Duvall

Consent is the defining element separating sexual intercourse and rape or alternative relationships and domestic abuse. Add in “consensual non-consent” relationship dynamics, where consent may seem like a grey area to an outside observer, and you have a very complex subject.
In this class, we will talk over the various definitions and styles of consent and contrast many of them. This will not be about a “one true way” but rather give each attendee the tools to consciously enter into and navigate their own relationships, defining their boundaries as they see fit. We will also talk about what to do when consent breaks down and how to survive that transition and repair things when it does. Come prepared to participate in verbal exercises and group discussion.


Monday, October 29 — 7:00pm
Salon of SEAF: Spookily Seductive Life Drawing
Gallery Erato: $20. Advance: $15

Join us for a spooky, seductive life drawing session performed with guts, gore, and gaiety! For this month’s Salon of SEAF, there is a 30 minute drawing lesson on foreshortening, mass, gravity, and lines of action before the 2 hour life drawing session. Our models have prepared a series of poses that include costume elements, bondage and gore. Enjoy this Halloween themed opportunity to practice skills by drawing two human figures in a variety of intimate poses.



Friday, November 2 — 8:00pm
Playing Rough – A Date Night based on a “no-toys-required” BDSM play workshop ~Educators: KinkRx
Gallery Erato: $85 (Duo)  Advance: $70 (Duo) and $80 (Pay It Forward Donor Duo)

Rough body play is a very versatile and popular play style. It can be combined with other play styles like bondage, impact, and sex, or it could be used all on it’s own.

We cover techniques and safety aspects of many rough body play elements such as: Bottoming to rough body play; Effective body manipulation; Disruption of balance;  Hair pulling; Biting;  Choking and neck handling; Rope Capturing techniques; Slapping: spanking, face-slapping and so much more.


Saturday, November 3 — 1:00pm
Bondage for Pain – A class in the Tying with Purpose series ~Educators: Full Circle Kink
Gallery Erato: $70. (Tying Pair)  Advance: $58 (Tying Pair)

Rope bondage is a wonderfully versatile tool that works well for all kinds of play styles. Although we normally try to make our bondage as comfortable as possible, this class will look at ways to deliberately and safely create bondage that is uncomfortable or even painful. Good pain bondage should be safe and precise: it should deliver exactly the right amount of sensation without causing damage. We’ve chosen a set of techniques that work well with almost any body type and which can be easily adjusted to whatever intensity level you’re looking for.

In addition to using rope to cause pain directly, we’ll look at stress positions that create discomfort by holding the body in challenging poses. Finally, we’ll look at predicament bondage: creating a situation where your partner has to pick between two different kinds of discomfort.

No matter whether you’re a heavy sadomasochist looking to add rope to your repertoire or just want to experiment with some light sensation play, this class will give you the tools you’re looking for.


Sunday, November 4 — 10:00am
Everyone Has a Pelvic Floor- But how do you train it?? ~Educators: Paige Vivian and Rebecca Francis
Gallery Erato: $125. Advance: $100

Do you avoid certain activities due to fear of incontinence?
Have you ever accidentally peed when you sneezed or laughed?
Want to know the role of the pelvic floor in core strength and overall health?
Have you given, or do you plan to give birth?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, and you are ready to optimize your pelvic floor wellness, sign up for “Everyone Has a Pelvic Floor,” a workshop created and led by certified personal trainer Rebecca Francis and physical therapist Paige Vivian.

In this workshop you will learn:
-Proper strengthening for the pelvic floor – it’s not all about Kegels!!!
-How to identify and address pelvic floor dysfunction
-How to strengthen the core and pelvic floor in a balanced way
-Lifestyle tips to reduce pelvic floor stress and promote a strong, supple pelvic floor


Friday, November 9 — 8:00pm
A Kink In The Cure
Gallery Erato: $30. Advance: $20 (Solo)

Fresh from Denver, this insightful drama takes an unflinching look at sexual abuse and trauma while exploring the question: “Can Kink and BDSM be used to intentionally help and heal people?”

A Kink in the Cure is a one-man performance centered on the personal stories of survivors who have used BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) to help cope with past sexual trauma or shame. Playwright and performer Tim Murray will take you on an unforgettable journey through this ground-breaking work.  Inspired by works ranging from The Vagina Monologues to 50 Shades of Grey, A Kink in the Cure is an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of using kink and BDSM as an intentional tool for healing.  Join us. Together, we can eradicate sexual shame.

Saturday, November 10 – 12:00pm
Exploring the Practice of Therapeutic Kink ~Educator: Tim Murray
Gallery Erato
Information coming soon.


Sunday, November 11 — 5:00pm
The Cutting Edge: Body Modification ~Educator: Tom Hill
Gallery Erato: $45. Advance: $35 (Solo) $60 (Duo) and $80 (Trio)

An exploration of Branding, Scarification, Cuttings, Removals & Mutilations.

Body modification is not really so strange within a culture where identity is often expressed through appearance—in mainstream society includes fashion consumption, cosmetic surgery, and botox. This is about intentional permanent or semi-permanent alterations of the living body for ritual, folk medicine, aesthetics, or corporal punishment. This class will cover that broad spectrum of why people do it and the various techniques on how to perform such an alteration.


Monday, November 12 — 7:00pm
Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga Facilitator: Isis Phoenix
Gallery Erato: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Naked Yoga is a deeply intimate and liberating practice that nourishes body, mind and spirit. This au natural form of yoga begins with a group disrobing ritual and includes a gentle yoga flow practice and meditation to welcome a state of embodied inner peace.

Naked yoga is a body-positive and celebratory practice geared towards loving the skin that you’re in and fostering a feeling of naturalness through self-acceptance and inclusivity.

The absence of clothes in this yoga practice weaves together naturist and yogic philosophy that aims to bring about increased freedom, embodiment and relaxation in the yoga practice.  Our time together is safe, nourishing and judgment free. Please take a moment to read through this FAQ about naked yoga.


Thursday, November 15 — 6:30pm
Consent Basics ~Educators: The Consent Academy
TBD Seattle Area Library Meeting Room: Free

Whether you’re brand new to Consent Culture or an old hand, we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way.
 Most of us have learned the idea that No means No, but consent in a Sex Positive World goes way beyond that. Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a No. Learn how to move towards an informed Yes and even an Enthusiastic Yes.

Come and get some tips, tricks, and tools for requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug. Then take what you learn out into the larger world to help us create a more Sex Positive World one interaction at a time.


Saturday, November 24 — 7:00pm
Find Your Fantasy – A Date Night event based on a workshop of discovery ~Educator: Stella Harris
Gallery Erato: $85 (Duo) Advance: $70 (Duo) $85 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Knowing what you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many people don’t even know what the options are, or have vague ideas about what appeals to them, but don’t have the language to express it. Especially when you’re new to the kink or sex positive scene, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with choices.

In this class we’ll talk about ways to narrow down your desires from yes/no/maybe lists to explorations of common fantasies. We’ll also work through handouts and exercises that help us identify some of our early turn-ons, and sensuality archetypes from the media, and we’ll use these seeds as a starting point for scenes you can create in real life.

Friday, November 30 — 8:00pm
Mutual Trance for Couples: A Date Night event based on a hypnokink workshop ~Educator: Najalaise
Gallery Erato: $80 (Duo) Advance: $65 (Duo) $80 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Bring an accomplice: the meat of this workshop is the partnered exercises. We’ll explore light trance states which don’t require an induction or any knowledge of hypnosis, much less a memorized script. This is a simple way to ease into erotic hypnosis, and can also help you build skills useful in other types of play. Established couples can use this workshop to reinforce the rapport and knowledge of one another they’ve already built, while folks negotiating pick-up play will have the opportunity to construct a foundation for intimate adventures.