Education Program

FSPC Newsletter 1The Foundation hosts a variety of workshops on relationships, sexuality & identity, sex, and kink/BDSM to help people gain a better and healthier understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We are making sex education  more accessible with the “Pay It Forward Scholarship” (PIF). This program provides an opportunity for those who can’t afford the full ticket price to “pay what you can” at participating workshops. This is also a chance for those more financially privileged to sponsor others in receiving quality sexuality education. Read more about it here.

Every month, this page will be updated with the current educational offerings. Most workshops offer discounts for purchasing tickets in advance online or in our library, often with further discounts for buying bundled tickets for 2 or 3 people with our Duo and Trio tickets. These tickets allow entry for multiple people at a lower rate for those attending with their sweeties or friends.

Doors generally open 20 minutes before the start of the workshop, with exceptions posted. You can check the online calendar for all pertinent information. The links below go directly to ticketing pages. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Up Coming Workshops & Events

For tickets to all of our upcoming events, visit our ticket page.


Sunday, March 19 — 2:30pm
Binding to the Energy & Rhythm ~Educator: Murphy Blue
Club Sapphire: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $41(Duo)

In ritual space, each of us feels not only our personal inner beat, but the rhythm of a pulsating whole as all of us come into harmony with one another. Sometimes we find cohesion first as small groups, which then join together to form the whole. Each time a group reaches harmony together, it vibrates at a unique energetic frequency.  It’s a powerful reservoir of energy that you can tap into to enhance your experience, and the experience of others, if you can recognize and seize the moment.

This workshop will focus on finding that frequency, tapping into it when you desire it, and keeping that frequency from becoming overwhelming. As a way to experiment with these concepts, we’ll learn a few rope bondage ties that are fun to use when letting yourself be part of the whole. Please either bring a partner you are willing to explore this with or a willingness to be paired up with someone and at least 25-30 ft of rope.


Sunday, March 19 — 2:30pm
Hip Harnesses for Suspensions ~Educator: Murphy Blue
Block 69: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $41(Duo)

There are many different types of hip harnesses used for a rope suspension scene. This class will cover a few of them as well as explaining why you may want to use one over the other at a specific time. This way, the rigger will have a couple of extra options before putting their bottom’s bottom in the air. This is an advanced Hands-On class that assumes experience with suspension bondage.

A special price for all 3 workshops by Murphy Blue on March 19 are available in advance for only $58 (Solo) $110 (Duo) here.


Saturday, March 25 — 12:00pm
Kinbaku 201:  Floorwork Patterns & Transitions ~Educator: Seattle Shibari
Block 69: $100 (Duo)

You’ve learned some basic ties—but how do you use them together to make a hot scene? How do move your partner smoothly from one position to another, keeping the scene going?
In this four-hour class, we’ll explore hot, effective ways to place your partner into beautiful restraint positions on the ground, and move them smoothly & safely from one position to another.  By the end of the class, you’ll have learned a basic kata/form you can use to do a beautiful & sensual multi-position floorwork progression, and use as a template for creating your own hot, individual progressions.

Class Prerequisites: This is an intermediate-level workshop. Students should be familiar with basic Japanese-style rope bondage techniques, especially the single column tie and the two-rope gote shibari/box tie. A chest harness may be used for students who do not wish to use the gote shibari tie during the workshop.


Saturday, March 25 — 12:00pm
Kinbaku 301: Hikyaku & Agura Tsuri (Postman & Seated Suspension) ~Educator: Seattle Shibari
Block 69: $100 (Duo)

Learn two classic, beautiful shibari suspension forms in a safe, supportive environment
In this four hour workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into two beautiful, fundamental suspensions: Hikyaku (‘Postman/Running Man’) and Agura (‘Seated/Lotus’). We’ll cover:

Suspension mechanics
Troubleshooting body placement
Top Line Management
Safety Issues

Class Prerequisites: This is an intermediate-level workshop. Students should be able to competently tie a 3-rope TK/Gote Shibari/’Box Tie,’ and be competent in basic suspension line management.
Suspension bondage is an advanced technique, and hazardous. In order to ensure the safety of participants, the instructor will assess student skill level. If a student’s tying is deemed unsafe by the instructor, the student may be invited to observe instead of doing full suspension.


Saturday, April 1 — 1:00pm
Bondage For Sex – Rope for the bedroom and beyond! ~ Educators: Suspended Animation
Club Sapphire: $35. Advance: $30 (Solo) $54 (Duo)

Sex is what first drew many of us to bondage, and combining sex with bondage is one of our favorite things. All too often, though, erotic bondage ends up being awkward and frustrating. This class will teach you bondage that immobilizes your partner while leaving them exposed and accessible.

We’ll begin with a set of ties and techniques for immobilizing every part of your partner’s body. These building blocks can be combined in a wide variety of ways to hold your partner still in whatever position works best for your favorite mischief.

Different types of mischief call for different positions, so we’ll take an in depth look at four of our favorite sex positions, each of which is adaptable to a wide range of activities and body types. No matter what your genders or what kind of sex you and your partner prefer, you’ll learn practical skills that will improve your sex life as well as making you a better and more effective rigger.


Sunday, April 2 — 1:00pm (rescheduled from 3/4)
BDSM 201: Exploring the Toy Bag Educators: School Of Consensual Kink!
Club Sapphire: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $36 (Duo) and $55 (Trio)

Join Sunshine and Elektra as they demo (on willing class volunteers) and explain the basics of how to use of a large range of toys found in a well-stocked toy bag.

You’ve dipped your toe in the kink scene but you want to learn more. You’re curious but don’t know where to go or who to ask. This is your opportunity to learn more about a variety of fun to be had and maybe even experience a little bit. Sunshine and Elektra will have a variety of toys and tools on hand. We’ll poll participants at the start of class to prioritize which topics to cover. We’ll cover the basics of each topic and some safety pointers. We will demo techniques on volunteers from the class whenever it’s feasible. Past classes have included electricity, floggers, basic rope, knives, and needles. Participants should not expect a thorough grounding in any of the topics covered, but should expect to be exposed to a variety of topics to explore in depth elsewhere. Bring your curiosity and sense of adventure.


Thursday, April 6 — 6:30pm
Demystifying STIs and Safer Sex ~ Educators: Mickey Schultz and Leah Hirsch
Seattle Library- Broadview Branch: Free

LeahHirsch-outside_smWhether you’re new to sex or jumping back into dating, having good information about sex and the related health concerns is important. What is Safer Sex and how can we make it fun and easy to incorporate into our romantic and playful encounters? Prepare to learn: how to decide what Safer Sex protocols are for you; an overview of available supplies (as well as how to make your own in emergencies); when and how to easily bring up “the talk”; and how to make Safer Sex sexy!  We will focus on solid facts about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and dispelling the stigmas that are often attached to these infections so you can make informed and rational decisions regarding your health.


Saturday, April 8 — 12:00pm
Erotic Hypnosis: Getting Started ~Educator: Jim Duvall
Club Sapphire: $35. Advance: $25 (Solo) $45 (Duo)

The Mind is the largest Sex Organ. Get started on your erotic hypnotic journey with a certified hypnotherapist. Jim will teach you 2 hypnotic inductions and 2 deepeners to give you a solid foundation for your explorations. Jim will give you ample time to practice each set of techniques with coaching, enabling you to relax and connect with your practice partner.

Don’t worry, Jim won’t make you cluck like a chicken. And no, he won’t teach you how to seduce people without their consent.  Touching on ethics and consent, Jim will lead a discussion of all the exciting and sexy things you can do with your partner with erotic hypnosis.

Whether you want to take or give up control to your partner, erotic hypnosis requires that both partners develop special skills. Each technique you learn as a hypnotist will have a corresponding skill that is needed as a hypnotic subject. Learning from both sides of the equation will increase your capacity for fun and connection. To enhance these new skills, attendees will be encouraged to practice with multiple partners. Participation is mandatory with focus on obtaining consent and respecting limits.

Due to the intimate nature of this class, no late entry or voyeurism is allowed. Some exercises will require lying down, so please bring anything to facilitate your comfort. Pillows, blanket or yoga mat are recommended. Wear comfortable clothing.


Sunday, April 9 — 1:00pm
Negotiation For Lovers ~ Educator: Sar Surmick
Club Sapphire: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $34 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom, but aren’t sure how to talk about it? Wanting to engage that special someone in some romance? Trying to figure out how to get closer with that amazing person (or people)? Come learn how to negotiate intimacy, connection, and/or sex (Hint: they’re not necessarily the same thing). We’ll cover some great tools for getting started and moving forward with negotiating the sexy times you’re looking for.


Saturday, April 22 — 12:00pm
Kinbaku 301: Suspension Transitions ~Educator: Seattle Shibari
Block 69: $100 (Duo)

Suspension transitions are dramatic, intense, and beautiful. Learn to move your partner from one position to another in suspension in a safe, supportive environment with Seattle Shibari!
In this four hour workshop, we’ll learn the practical and aesthetic considerations for moving someone from one position to another while in suspension. Topics will include:
Suspension mechanics
Minor vs Major Transitions
Troubleshooting body placement
Top Line Management
Safety Issues

Class Prerequisites: This is an advanced-level workshop. Students should be able to competently tie a 3-rope TK/Gote Shibari/’Box Tie,’ and be competent in basic suspension line management & technique
Suspension bondage is an advanced technique, and hazardous. In order to ensure the safety of participants, the instructor will assess student skill level. If a student’s tying is deemed unsafe by the instructor, the student may be invited to observe instead of suspend.


Saturday, May 6 — 1:00pm
So You Want To Tie People Up: A playful introduction to erotic rope bondage. ~Educators: Suspended Animation
Club Sapphire: $35. Advance: $30 (Solo) $54 (Duo)

Interested in adding some bondage to your life, but not sure where to start? Our introductory bondage class will introduce you to the basics of rope bondage and give you the skills you need to safely and confidently start exploring bondage on your own.

If you’re new to kink, you may know that you’re interested in bondage but not know exactly what you want to do with it. We’ll help you figure it out by demonstrating a wide range of bondage styles and positions.

Once you know what kind of bondage you’re looking for, we’ll teach you a set of basic knots that you can combine to create almost any bondage position you want. This is a bondage class, not a knots class: we want you to master a small number of versatile techniques so that you can focus on having fun with your partner rather than struggling to remember numerous different knots.


Sunday, May 7 — 1:00pm
The Towel And The Stick: Fundamentals of Impact Play ~ Educators: KinkRx
Club Sapphire: $45. Advance: $35 (Solo)

Impact play is one of the most popular BDSM activities. It’s enjoyable when it’s light and easy, painful and challenging, or anything in between. Come join KinkRx instructors Ronnie and Dani for this workshop that teaches the fundamental hard and soft skills of impact play.

The skills you will learn will translate to virtually any impact toy, using only 2 tools: a towel as an example of flexible toys such as floggers or whips, and bamboo canes as an example of rigid impact toys. You will learn the skills and start playing immediately without having to invest in expensive toys. We will cover where to hit and how. We will also cover the anatomy of an impact scene and the techniques you need to modulate intensity in a scene.