Education Program

The Foundation hosts a variety of workshops on consent, relationships, sexuality & identity, sex, and kink/BDSM to help people gain a better and healthier understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We are making sex education  more accessible with the “Pay It Forward Scholarship” (PIF). This program provides an opportunity for those who can’t afford the full ticket price to “pay what you can” at participating workshops. This is also a chance for those more financially privileged to sponsor others in receiving quality sexuality education. Read more about it here.

Every month, this page will be updated with the current educational offerings. Most workshops offer discounts for purchasing tickets in advance online or over the phone, often with further discounts for buying bundled tickets for 2 or 3 people with our Duo and Trio tickets. These tickets allow entry for multiple people at a lower rate for those attending with their sweeties or friends. Please note there are no refunds for ticket purchases. However, if you find you can’t make a workshop, all tickets are fully transferable. In cases where a workshop is not sold out, we can provide a voucher in the amount of your ticket to use for another workshop or event.

Doors generally open 20 minutes before the start of the workshop, with exceptions posted. You can check the online calendar for all pertinent information. The links below go directly to ticketing pages. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Up Coming Workshops & Events

For tickets to all of our upcoming events, visit our ticket page.


Saturday, August 25 — 11:00am
How To Touch A Womxn: A workshop for men on using hands to give pleasure ~Educator: Lala Lipsy
Gallery Erato: $50. Advance: $40 (Solo) $50 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor)

If you’ve ever left a situation not sure whether or not your partner was fully satisfied or just wanted to know more ways to make your partner really want “it”, then please join us for the “How to Touch a Womxn” workshop. The Sensual Series with Lala Lipsy continues and this time we’re focusing on giving the womxn in your life exquisite pleasure. This class, for self identified men, will help provide tips on how to touch and explore a woman’s body and get her ready for whatever comes next. And though there will be discussion about the body in general, our focus will be on caressing and touching the vulva, including the clitoris and surrounding areas.

This class will start with a question and answer portion with a panel of wonderful womxn who will openly share all the things you ever wanted to know about how and where to use your hands. We will move forward into learning different ways of practicing consent and touching the body, in general and the vulva in particular. The workshop will end with a live model demonstration on the things we’ve learned throughout the workshop. The goals of this workshop are to learn more ways to connect to your partner/s, listening to and understanding their bodies differently and, of course, to make them wild with desire…aka….coming.


Saturday, August 25 — 5:00pm
Flirting for Queer, Pan & Bi Kinksters: A workshop and single’s mixer ~Educators: Lala Lipsy and Allena Gabosch
Gallery Erato: $50. Advance: $40 (Solo) $50 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Flirting is a form of human interaction that can be used for many reasons: making people feel good, expressing or gauging sexual or romantic interest, adding levity, or expressing affection. There are many different styles of flirting, almost as varied as each person’s personality. Add in an interest, such as Kink, and you have another layer of complexity that gives even more opportunity for creativity.

In this interactive class, Lala and Allena will share all the elements that make up flirting, and help you find your own style. Discuss and practice elements of consent, context, body language, tone of voice, and timing with other attendees, meeting new people and strengthening your flirting muscles.



Sunday, August 26 — 12:00pm
Nerves and Bondage ~Educators: Full Circle Kink
Gallery Erato: $35. Advance: $25 (Solo) $35 (Solo & Pay it Forward Donor)

Even though nerve damage is the most common bondage injury, it can be surprisingly hard to find reliable information about it. Even many world-class riggers and instructors rely on hearsay and superstition rather than hard medical data. You don’t have to be one of them- this class will give you the knowledge and skills you need to minimize your risk of causing or experiencing nerve damage. We’ll present techniques for bottoms as well as riggers, and talk about how to detect and respond to nerve damage if you do encounter it during a scene.
No matter what your risk profile, this class will make your scenes safer and more sustainable.


Wednesday, August 29 — 7:00pm
Solo Poly: Polyamory as an orientation ~Educator: Allena Gabosch
Gallery Erato: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Are you looking for a primary? Or are you happy without a primary? What do you tell that new person in your life? Can you be single and poly? Is single poly just dating?

Being single and poly has it’s own set of issues and concerns. Most poly classes and books spend little time on those of us who are not in traditional coupled relationships or in poly families. Join Allena for a lively discussion on Solo Poly and get valuable tips and ideas that will help you navigate the poly world.



Sunday, September 2 — 5:00pm
The Intrigue of Hook Suspension ~Educator: Tom Hill
Gallery Erato: $25. Advance: $20 (solo)

What is hook suspension all about? Discover the personal expansion and energy exchange that can be obtained through suspension. The class overviews how to prepare yourself and what to expect from flying in hooks. Workshop with a demonstration.

Ticket price of the Intrigue of Hooks can be applied to the Hook Suspension Experience.


Sunday, September 2 — 7:00pm
Explore the Curiosity of Flesh Hook Suspension  ~Educator: Tom Hill
Gallery Erato: $75-$175

The act of suspension is hanging the body from hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body. Want to Suspend? There are many different reasons to suspend. The reasons extend from wanting a pure adrenaline or endorphin rush, to conquering ones fears, to trying to reach a new level of spiritual consciousness. People suspend to attain some sort of experience: a deeper sense of themselves, a spiritual encounter, or a letting go not being complete inside their body. Some are looking to take control over their bodies, or are seeking to prove to themselves that they can live beyond the physical, perhaps disconnect from their bodies completely. Finally, some simply seek to explore the unknown.


Sunday, September 9 — 11:00am
Bondage for Sex ~Educators: Full Circle Kink
Gallery Erato: $70. Advance: $54 (Duo)

Sex is what first drew many of us to bondage, and combining sex with bondage is still one of our favorite things. All too often, though, erotic bondage ends up being awkward and frustrating. This class will teach you bondage that immobilizes your partner while leaving them exposed and accessible.

We’ll begin with a set of ties and techniques for immobilizing every part of your partner’s body. These building blocks can be combined in a wide variety of ways to hold your partner still in whatever position works best for your favorite mischief. Different types of mischief call for different positions, so we’ll take an in depth look at four of our favorite sex positions, each of which is adaptable to a wide range of activities and body types. No matter what your genders or what kind of sex you and your partner prefer, you’ll learn practical skills that will improve your sex life as well as making you a better and more effective rigger.


Monday, September 10 — 7:00pm
Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga ~Instructor: Isis Phoenix
Gallery Erato: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) PIF scholarships available.

Naked Yoga is a deeply intimate and liberating practice that nourishes body, mind and spirit. This au natural form of yoga begins with a group disrobing ritual and includes a gentle yoga flow practice and meditation to welcome a state of embodied inner peace.

Naked yoga is a body-positive and celebratory practice geared towards loving the skin that you’re in and fostering a feeling of naturalness through self-acceptance and inclusivity.  The absence of clothes in this yoga practice weaves together naturist and yogic philosophy that aims to bring about increased freedom, embodiment and relaxation in the yoga practice.



Friday, September 14 — 7:30pm
BDSM 101: Exploring Kink ~Educator: Jim Duvall
Gallery Erato: $40. Advance: $30 (Solo) $54 (Duo) and $80 (Trio)

Entering the world of BDSM can be a daunting task. Fighting your way through all the different labels, techniques and styles is difficult for even experienced players. There is no real book of standards and much of the information is presented as absolute but the next source can contradict it completely. This class will survey all the ways people get kinky with each other and help every attendee find the parts of this very vast subject that sing to them. This class will include lecture, show and tell of a variety of implements and toys, demonstrations, and interactive discussions.



Saturday, September 15 — 12:00
Salon of SEAF: Explore Written Erotica
Gallery Erato: Free

For this month’s Salon of SEAF, our Literary Curator assembles authors who have been featured in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Literary Anthology to share their passion for the written work with you.

Readings start at 1pm. Gallery Erato will be open from noon until 3pm for browsing. Art and books from the featured authors and books from the Pan Eros Library will be available for purchase. Our librarians have put together a fabulous sale of books that are no longer in our collection. Books for sale include fiction, non-fiction, reference, art, etc… Most books will be priced at 2 for $1 or $20 for as much as you can fit into a shopping bag.



Saturday, September 15 — 5:00pm
Rope Bondage Mixer ~Educators: Trouble & Ray
Gallery Erato: $50 (Solo) $60 (Solo with Rope)  Advance: $40 (Solo) $50 (Solo with Rope)

Learn how to have fun with rope bondage and meet new people!
This class is designed for those who would like to learn rope bondage or hone their skills, but may not have a regular tying partner. In this class, you will rotate between partners, while learning a variety of simple and effective bondage techniques. The final hour will be set aside for you to continue to socialize and practice with other attendees. Non-alcoholic beverages and finger foods will be provided. No prior experience is needed to attend.


Thursday, September 20 — 6:30pm
Consent Basics ~Educators: Consent Academy
Beacon Hill Library: Free

Whether you’re brand new to Consent Culture or an old hand, we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way.
 Most of us have learned the idea that No means No, but consent in a Sex Positive World goes way beyond that. Explore with us how to move beyond simply giving or accepting a No. Learn how to move towards an informed Yes and even an Enthusiastic Yes.

Come and get some tips, tricks, and tools for requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug. Then take what you learn out into the larger world to help us create a better world one interaction at a time.



Friday, September 21 — 7:00pm
Hang ’em High – Hard Points, Uplines, Hangers and Tie-offs in Suspension Bondage ~Educator: WhiskyTangoFoxy
Gallery Erato: $45 Advance: $35 (Solo) $45 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) $65 (Duo) $75 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

This class is about what happens between the load and the hard point.
We will discuss different types of suspension equipment and options to attach to overhead hardpoints. We will review materials suitable for main support uplines and discuss their different risk profiles. Finally, we will demo and tie along of series of yokes and hangers with and without carabiners.


Saturday, September 22 — 11:00am
Now what? Recovering from a Bad Scene ~Educator: WhiskyTangoFoxy
Gallery Erato: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) $42 (Duo) and $60(Trio)

It can be hard to deal, when you don’t get what you expected. Even with good intentions and detailed negotiation the intended plan for a scene, a dynamic or an encounter doesn’t always happen. This panel discussion shares stories and experiences on coping with changes and dealing with potential trauma or disappointment to begin healing and moving on to positive BDSM experiences.



Saturday, September 22 — 2:00pm
Fetish or For Real? – Intersectional Kinking ~Educator: WhiskyTangoFoxy
Gallery Erato: $30. Advance: $22 (Solo) $30 (Solo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Ever wondered if someone is into you, or if you are just a fetish delivery system for a specific Race/Gender Expressions/Age or Body Type? When there is a chance of being type-cast, pigeon-holed or ‘boxed’ into a stereotype instead of recognized and valued as an individual there are several challenges. This is a conversation for kinksters in marginalized groups to discuss what they face when seeking play or relationships.



Saturday, September 29 — 12:30pm
Beyond the Basics: Consent for Leadership ~Educators: Consent Academy
Haller Lake: Sliding Scale Rates: $100 Full Ticket Price, $75 Tier 1 Sponsored, $50 Tier 2 Sponsored., $150 Pay-It-Forward Sponsor Ticket

Consent in our culture is evolving & expanding. While consent seems like a simple topic, it has complexity that requires nuance and discretion. Join The Consent Academy for this special immersive 6 hour workshop, designed specifically for people who hold Leadership positions. Together we will create a safe space to unpack assumptions and concerns about consent, learn the nuances between issues and violations, as well as identifying personal blind spots. We will also teach you techniques for expertly handling reports of consent issues and implementing consent culture that works best for your community.

How do you know if this workshop is right for you? Although we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way, this workshop goes beyond the basics. Consent for Leadership is best for those who have served as event or party organizers, leads for a regional events or organizations, business owners, or anyone who manages employees/volunteers.