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ConsentCon – An Unconference

Are you passionate about consent, sexuality and kink education and activism? We want you to be part of the conversation on March 11th, 2017!

ConsentCon is a place for people to come together and learn from one another around the topics of consent, sexuality, kink and the interplay of the three. We will be spending the afternoon of Saturday, March 11th exploring topics and engaging in conversations using Open Space principles. This format’s success depends on the timely arrival and participation of all attendees. Refreshments will be on hand, and you are welcome to bring your own. After a dinner break, the Consent Academy is hosting a social where we will continue the discussion in a more relaxed format. For more details of the event, visit the calendar listing.
Based on “Open Space principles”, ConsentCon is going to be both familiar and entirely new. Kinksters and Activists have been enjoying this kind of format for years at events such as Undressing Normal, KinkForAll, and GRUE – but each happening is a special kind of event.


Every session topic at a ConsentCon has exactly one criteria: passion. What are you passionate about? Teach it, talk about it with others, ask questions. Just one thing: if you want it to happen, you have to do it. Unlike other conferences, where the staff has worked like crazy to deliver you great classes with renowned presenters, at ConsentCon you create your own classes.


Registration opens at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 11. At 1:30pm, Open Space veteran Octavia and her team of ConsentCon facilitators will lead the attendees through some fast-paced exercises to generate the schedule for the afternoon. Trust me, you’re going to want to be there early to get in on the action as soon as it starts.


You bring your passion, your knowledge, and willingness to participate! Don’t worry about whether or not other people will be interested in your topic: if you’re passionate about it, that’s enough. Don’t worry about being an “expert” – again, if you’re passionate about it, you have enough opinions and experience to at least have a good discussion about it. Decide if you think it’s a half-hour, 45 minutes, or a one hour session, and put it on the board. The facilitators will help.

Again: the schedule will fill up quickly. So it’s important to be there on time and participate in the creation of the schedule, as well as learn how the space works. 

After the grid fills, the space will open for the sessions. The main room will be sectioned to allow for some sound separation, plus the courtyard and some hallways, will be available for use. The sessions can range from a lecture, a round table discussion, a group problem-solving task force, or even just a few friends gathering in a corner working out exactly what it is that intrigues us about sexuality/consent/kink and how we view it.

We will have a computer set up as a Note Taking station. Notes will be available online to all participants. Look for easels with paper and pens around the space to assist in getting your ideas out visually.

At about 6:00, everyone will gather in the main space again, and acknowledge each other’s contribution – whether presenting, attending, discussing, whatever. Some call this a “Closing Circle”, or liken it to resolution. Think of it as necessary aftercare – if not for you, then for the others who were in the ConsentCon with you. It’s important and enlightening. You’ll want to be there.

 Be prepared.

Ticket are on sale now!

Bondage Lovers’ Delight

Give the gift of excitement and intimacy!

Revel with us, luxuriating in carnal finery with your sweetheart while you keep the post-Valentine glow burning in an indulgent, two-part experience to last you all day and night!

On the evening of February 25th, after you have dined and adorned yourself and your lover in your best finery, join us at the intimate Black Tie Affair event in a fascinating, opulent gallery home.  Take in a delicious evening of bondage inspired performance by none other than TwistedMonk himself, burlesque, and amuse bouche as you explore the scintillating company of Seattle’s most passionate erotic art patrons.  You’ll also be gifted a custom Twisted Monk rope kit and a stylish new Monk Sak to tote your naughty treasures home in.  This Monk Sak and starter rope kit was made specifically for the “Shibari for Lovers” workshop, and is a very limited edition of just 10.

On March 5th part two begins! “Shibari for Lovers” will sweep you off your feet — literally!  This intimate rope play workshop will guide you through a sensual exploration of new skills and sensations.  “Shibari for Lovers” begins at noon, leaving plenty of time for a luxuriant morning, and plenty of time for practicing your new skills.

Already know the ropes? Choose the Evening of Delights option for tickets for two to A Black Tie Affair, the limited edition Monk Sak and rope kit, and a chance to compare bondage notes with TwistedMonk himself!

Purchase your Bondage Lovers’ Delight gift package here.

This experienced based gift comes with an optional gift box with golden tickets to give to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

The Black Tie Affair starts at 8pm on Saturday, February 25th. View the complete list of performers and delights here.

The workshop “Shibari for Lovers” starts at 1pm on Sunday March 5th. The full description can be found here.

Delivery of the Monk Sak and rope kit will be on February 25th, at the Black Tie Affair.

Become a Legend When You Donate

Leave your mark on our new home!

The Foundation and Center for Sex Positive Culture are offering you the opportunity to have your personal message or name on a Legacy Wall. This wall of polished black granite tiles, engraved in gold, will be prominently displayed in our new home.

These black granite tiles will be laid out in a checkerboard pattern on an interior wall, in one of the central areas of the new Center. The basic tile size will 4” tall by 8” wide. Each $500 donation equals a tile on the Legacy Wall. Those who purchase two tiles will have the option of two 4”x8” tiles or one 8”x8” tile.

The text on your tile will be engraved in gold Dolphin font. You can choose to have a saying or names, or combination.  4”x8” tiles can contain up to 20 spaces per line with a maximum of 3 lines. 8”x8” tiles can contain up to 20 spaces per line with a maximum of 6 lines.

We ask that if you are purchasing a tile in a third party’s name, that you have their consent. Any tiles that are discovered before, during or after installation to have been created without the consent of the person named will be removed at named person’s request. All text must be approved by the CSPC Managing Director.

The $500 purchase of a commemorative donor tile is a direct donation to the construction and furnishing of the new home of the Foundation and Center for Sex Positive Culture located at 1514 NW 46th Street.

Purchasing a tile for the Legacy Wall

  • Mail or deliver a check for $500 made out to FSPC, 1037 NE 65th Street, Suite 356, Seattle, WA 98115
  • Pay with a credit card using our secure online store, after you click on the $500 button, you may adjust the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Call (206) 229-2185 and we will process your credit card over the phone by hand
  • Pay with cash by making arrangements to meet us in person

Want your donation to go a little further? Choose to pay via check or cash to save us the credit card processing fees.

For more Information and questions: [email protected] or (206)229-2185

Example of 8″x8″ black granite tile with gold engraving.

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture is a 501(c)3 non-profirt organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extant of the law. All proceeds of this fundraiser go to the joint project of constructing a new home for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and Center for Sex Positive Culture. The full price wall tiles are tax deductible. Letters of donation are available upon request to [email protected]