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Naked Yoga FAQ

Please enjoy this informative note from Isis Phoenix, the facilitator of Seattle’s Naked Yoga. We are very excited for the second class on October 8th. Information about the class and tickets can be found here.
I’ve taken and distilled down the most frequent questions I receive as well as some additional information that is unique to this particular monthly naked yoga meet-up in Seattle. Every naked yoga class will come with their own unique FAQ and rules of etiquette.

What time should I arrive?
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to get signed in and find your spot. There is no late entry to this event. Doors are locked at the beginning of class to allow for a safe space free of disruption.

 What should I wear to class?
Clothes that are street legal.

When do we take our clothes off?
All yoga students take their clothes off in a disrobing ritual together lead by the instructor. Please stay clothed until you are instructed to remove your clothing.

 Yoga assists – will my yoga instructor be touching me in class?
During class, the instructor may correct a posture with her words or with her hands with your consent. Because yoga can take the practitioner into an altered state, we like to get your expressed consent around desiring hands on assists up front. At the beginning of class you will be given a consent card that you will place at the front of your mat. This card has two sides – a “YES! I would like hands on assists” or “NO assists today please. ”Place your card by your mat where the instructor can see it. You will not be touched by the instructor without your consent in a yoga class.

Will I touch another yoga practitioner in class?
Maybe. We may at some point explore a group balance pose that asks you to place your hand on another yogi’s hand or back for balance. You are welcome to make this a solo balance pose or use the wall for support if you would prefer not to have direct physical contact with another person during your yoga practice.

Is it okay to take a look around the room at the other naked yogis?
Balance in all things. First you’re here for you and your yoga practice, but you’re also here to practice in a group environment. Aren’t naked bodies practicing yoga interesting and beautiful?! How exciting that we’re practicing in an erotic art gallery where we have become essentially moving art! Of course it’s natural to look at another person and appreciate their beauty and to let it inspire your yoga practice. We also ask that you don’t ogle or overtly stare or become distracted from your yoga practice with your outward gaze. Drishti is the Sanskrit word for gaze, internal consciousness or even point of view. Please focus your drishti on your own practice. If you find your eyes wandering to another person’s body or to a specific piece of erotic art on the walls of the studio, try closing your eyes and returning to your body, your breath and your practice.

 What if I become aroused and something ‘comes up?’
This is not a class or yoga practice that focuses on raising sexual energy. At the same time this is not a yoga practice that ignores that we are sexual beings who possess sexual energy. Your erection, like the rest of you is welcome here. If an erection happens, breath, acknowledge it silently with gratitude and return to your practice.

What should I know about body hair and personal grooming before class?
Any and all of your body hair including your personal grooming preferences in any style and form is welcome.

How much previous yoga experience do I need?
It’s useful to have taken at least a yoga class in the past to have foundational knowledge so that this is not your first experience with yoga. Classes are open level and your are expected to take care of your body’s unique needs during your yoga practice.

 Can I just sit and watch?
No. This is a class for those who want to practice yoga.

How do I care for my menstrual cycle while practicing naked yoga?
Any way you want to including wearing bottoms if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Do I need to provide my own mat?
Yes, for hygiene reasons, we do not rent mats. You must bring your own mat. If you do not have a mat you can purchase one for $25 from the instructor with advanced notice. Email Isis: sensualshaman (at) gmail (dot) com

What about chastity belts?
Leave those at home please.

I have genital and/or nipple piercings. Do I need to remove them for class?
Nope, not unless you find they are interfering with your yoga practice but only you can make that call.

Will there be fragrances in class?
Please avoid wearing heavy perfumes or synthetic fragrances to yoga. The instructor will sometimes use a therapeutic grade essential oil at the end of class during Savasana for those who desire to be anointed on their forehead and / or shoulders. This is optional.

Where is the yoga class held and what is the space like?
A note about Gallery Erato ~ Gallery Erato and the Pan Eros Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture) is a non-profit 501c3 sex positive event space and art gallery. The space is beautiful with high ceilings and dark wood floors. There are rotating art installations and gallery exhibits present on a monthly basis that include a vast range of sex positive artistic expression including depictions of nudity, sexual and gender identity expressions, kink and fetish and BDSM. Some of the art pieces may be provocative and / or potentially triggering. This naked yoga class is not a sexualized practice, but rather one that explores the human body as a form of art.

Is this is an event to find a date and/or someone to hook up with?
Nope, this is a yoga class and an exploration in svadyaya the yogic principle of self-study. No cruising please.

The instructor reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime for any reason.

You can read more about Isis Phoenix and the Naked Yoga Alliance here.

Parker RopeBoi in Seattle August 15-18!

We are welcoming back Parker RopeBoi for three rope bondage focused workshops. Friday’s Date Night Event features a rope and rough body play workshop that will flow into practice time. Parker will also be available for private lessons.

Parker RopeBoi is queer, genderqueer rope instructor and performer, who has an international reputation for innovative self-suspensions, highly dynamic suspensions, and quirky sadistic predicaments. Since 2009, Parker has been presenting rope workshops, intensives, and performances across North America and Europe. For Parker, rope is a versatile medium for enabling and disabling corporeal possibilities, encountering and overcoming impasses, instigating intense sensations and pleasures, and suspending bodies in space. Parker respects that everyone is different and that there are no one-size-fits-all ties. Parker strives to foster an inclusive, affirming environment for adults of all bodies, histories, and identifications to learn and enjoy rope. Parker lives in Brooklyn, New York City.

Thursday, August 16 — 7:00pm
Boot Play, Trampling, & Rope ~Educator: Parker Ropeboi
Gallery Erato: $35. Advance: $25 (Solo) $45 (Duo) $35 ( Solo & Pay It Forward Donor) $55 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Boots. Rope. Flesh. Are you someone who likes some boot marks among your rope marks? In this class, Parker RopeBoi will share some of their favorite sexy and sadistic tricks and tips for manipulating bodies using boots and rope for pleasure and pain. The class will demonstrate and discuss gauging and applying different kinds and amounts of pressure with boots to different body parts, which body parts can handle more or less boot pressure, and how different floor ties and partial/full suspension ties affect the intensity of boot pressure and require different kinds of trampling techniques. Demos aim to inspire you to bring your own style and ideas for integrating boots and rope in a scene. Participants will have time to try out some of these techniques and to explore playing with boots and rope in their own style.


Friday, August 17 — 8:00pm
Rope For Roughhousing: A Date Night Event with educator Parker Ropeboi.
Gallery Erato: $80. Advance: $65 (Duo) $80 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Grabbing someone, pushing them up against a wall, down to the floor or onto a bed, and otherwise manhandling them can be an exciting and erotic aspect of bdsm play. Rope can be useful tool for such asymmetrical rough body play, and can put the bottom at a clear physical disadvantage. This hands-on rope class teaches techniques for tying a person into a state of mobile immobilization–somewhat immobilized, yet still mobile enough to be moved around a room or rolled into different fun positions. Participants also will learn how to create handles and attachment points on otherwise slippery bodies. Participants will also view demonstrations of techniques for manhandling a tied-up bottom into different positions. These techniques are especially useful for situations in which the rope top (tying partner) is physically smaller than the rope bottom (person being tied), though everyone can benefit from the techniques taught in this class.


Saturday, August 18th — 11:00am
Twisted Transitions ~Educator: Parker Ropeboi
Gallery Erato: $90 (Duo). Advance: $75 (Duo) $90 (Duo & Pay It Forward Donor)

Torsion suspensions (suspensions in twisted body positions) offer exciting ways to expand your range of spatial-aesthetic options and sensory experiences in the air. Twisting your suspensions can create intense experiences and change up your suspension repertoire. In this workshop, we will address the physical components and body mechanics of torsion (torso twisting) in suspension. We will cover a variety of torsion suspension transitions, including particular suspension techniques and line management techniques for transitioning into and out of torsion positions. These topics are addressed from both bottoms’ and tops’ perspectives, with emphasis on choosing and adjusting transitions to work best for individual bodies.

Se the full list of all our upcoming workshops and events, including Parker’s, here.


Sexploration 2018 Workshops

Tickets Available Now

We are excited to present a robust schedule of classes for you to enjoy at Sexploration 2018! What interests you most; sex, relationships, kink, polyamory, or BDSM? Or how about a mixture?

The day’s workshops are divided into three tracks: Get Together, In The Bedroom, and Get Your Kink On. The Get Together classes will focus on connection, intimacy, and honing the skills to create and maintain relationships. The In The Bedroom classes offer tools to enhance sexy time with negotiation skills, and other “add-ons” to what you do in bed already. The Get Your Kink On classes will take you on a tour of different activities in the BDSM realm.

Due to the exploratory nature of Sexploration, we encourage you to be proactive in your class attendance. If you are curious, attend a workshop. If a class is not to your interests, feel free to quietly leave and enter a different class. While late arrival is fine, please understand that missed material will not be reviewed for late arrivals. We encourage  participants to share information with each other so everyone learns as much as they want. The times between classes are a great chance to find out what you missed. Many of our educators will be around all day and available for further questions, too.

All Sexploration tickets include access to the 13 different classes.  See the detailed schedule here. You can get more information or purchase tickets online or call (206)229-2185.

Get Your Kink On

An Introduction to BDSM ~Educator: Sunshine of School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.)
Explore BDSM with S.O.C.K.! We will cover a variety of BDSM (bondage, dominance/discipline, sadomasochism) topics and teach how to explore kink in a safe, consensual manner. This class is great for those who think they might be into kink, all the way to those who have been doing kink for a year or two. We will give you tools to explore kink using things you already have at home (or can buy for less than $10).

Simple Intensity: A Rough Body Play Primer ~Educator~ Russell Harmon
Some of us like to play hard. There are ways to get intensity and connection in BDSM play that don’t require fancy equipment or complicated technical skills. Some of them you probably already do: slapping, breath play, punching, wrestling, really rough sex… all of these are pretty intuitive. All of them also have unintuitive things that are useful to know, both to reduce the risks and to increase the fun for everyone involved.

Lazy D/s: Creating a D/s Flow When You’re Not Looking for High Protocol or 24/7 lifestyle ~Educator: DoNotGoGently
Do you love the idea of D/s, but are overwhelmed by the time and energy that often goes into maintaining a 24/7 relationship or crafting elaborate high protocol rituals? Maybe it’s time to try some lazy D/s! This workshop focuses on creating a more low-key, casual D/s situation either for a solitary scene or ongoing sessions but not 24/7 play. Learn how to identify your key D/s goals and create scenes that meet those needs without excess stress and long-term commitments. Come, learn, and share tips, tricks and tools about finding your personal D/s flow.

New to the Scene, Drawn to the Edge ~Educator~ Najalaise
When you first enter the kink community, you may hear a lot of messages about what activities are appropriate to begin your explorations. People may steer you toward spanking, flogging, rope bondage, or sensation play and away from kinks which are perceived as more extreme, such as rape play, mindfucks, blood play, and more. What if edgeplay is precisely what draws you to kink, though? This discussion-focused class will address devising risk mitigation strategies, deciding on your individual acceptable risk profile, spotting red flags, and even research methods. Gain the tools to do what you desire!

In The Bedroom

Negotiation: Asking For What You Want ~Educator~ Sar Surmick
There’s something you want. Maybe it’s a type of sex or a specific scene or fantasy you want to play. Maybe it’s a new kind of relationship or interlude. Maybe you want to know how to approach someone for the first time. Whatever it is, that thing you want, you’re looking for how to make it happen; how to bring someone else into it. Join Sar to explore the sensual side of negotiation and learn how to turn that want into a reality.

Cannabis and Sex ~Educator: Chelsea Cebara
Combining sex and weed is certainly nothing new, but the recent wave of legalization has relaxed the stigma around cannabis and vastly expanded the options for incorporating it into your sex life. Sophisticated aphrodisiac strains, edibles, sublinguals, and topicals–especially cannabis lube!–are now available to the casual or curious user. These products have exceptional potential to not only enhance the average person’s sexual satisfaction, but to ease common sexual dysfunction such as vaginismus or post-menopausal inorgasmia by taking advantage of cannabinoids’ singular interaction with the human body. As with any drug, however, safe and effective use requires an understanding of the principles at play.

Sensual Touch ~Educator: La La Lipsy
Learn new ways of caressing and stroking each other using our breath and body. And because sensuality starts before we physically engage with one another, we will also spend time on learning how to ask for what we want and listening to our partner(s) so that we may experience and give ultimate pleasure. This workshop is great for beginners who are new to the sensual and want to explore ways to awaken passion in their lives. It is equally wonderful for the experienced affectionates who want another perspective on their already titillating bedroom behavior.

Bedroom Bondage: Undercover Kink ~Educator~ Jim Duvall
Restraining your partner or being restrained can be a very erotic, sexy and sensual experience. Getting them tied up in a safe and still sexy manner can be a challenge. In this class we will explore a myriad of ways to restrain your partner safely and explain why some of the common methods are not. There will be sexy demos, explanations of common and not so common ways to tie someone down with items you probably already have around the house.

Get Together

Flirting and Connecting ~Educators: The Consent Academy
Description coming soon.

How To Eroticize (Almost) Anything ~Educator: Sophia Sky 
What turns us on is ephemeral and changeable. So much about our sensual selves can be shaped by experiences and our will. Come explore a variety of techniques designed to heighten your ability to enjoy more or new activities, both kink and sexual. This class is ideal for people who want to be able to share or participate in a partner’s favored activity. This class is not recommended for those wishing to eroticize a past trauma. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to engage in discussion and practical exercises.

Non-Monogamy Panel Discussion ~Educators~ Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti, and more!
This panel offers three unique views on living in non-monogamous relationships and they want to share what they have learned with you. After brief introductions, the panel will open themselves to your questions about polyamory, swinging, and ethical non-monogamy in general. Bring your questions and an open mind.

An Introduction to Tantra ~Educator~ Nekole Shapiro
Exploring Intimacy will direct your attention toward your capacity to be present with yourself and others by using Oxytocin generating exercises and Tantric practices. Come to class prepared to breathe, move and release things that may be keeping you from attaining or deepen these skills. This is a clothed class. Touch will be incorporated into the training. Consent will also be emphasized as a practice before each exercise.

Kinky Laboratory Tutorials and Stations

Handy Tips with Lala Lipsy – Coaching on sensual genital touching for all genders.

Breath-holds with Aurora Violent – Coaching for bottoms on breath-holds and simple hands- or mouth-only techniques for breath control.

20 Kinky Things To Do With a Hanky with Trouble – Learn how to think creatively when you don’t have a fancy toy bag. Hankies will be provided.

Vacuum Bed with Jim Duvall – Experience the feel of the strict bondage of being in a vacuum bed. Then chat with Jim for directions on how to make your own at home!

Electrical Play with Temptr – Learn how to use electricity safely in your kinky play. Talk about the different types of toys available, their pros and cons, and experience the sensations available.

Flogging with Russell Harmon – One-on-one coaching to learn the basic skills in using a flogger.

Needle Demonstration with Tom Hill – Watch an elaborate, artistic play piercing where you can ask questions.

Rough Body Play with She-Hulk – Coaching on using your body in kinky play, including safety and topping people larger than you.

Bondage with Paisley & Nick – Coaching on rope bondage basics and bottoming skills for rope play.

Sex & Kink Advice with Mistress Matisse of Velvet Swing  – Visit Velvet Swing’s kinky advice booth with the legendary Mistress Matisse and receive answers to all manner of sexy questions. Velvet Swing is the world’s first water-soluable, latex-safe cannabis infused lube, developed by a team of whip-smart women with a passion for sexual health and expression.

Educators and SexPerts

Chelsea Cebara is a professional sex educator and a big ol’ weed nerd. She has worked in the Washington cannabis industry since 2010 as a medically-certified cannabis consultant and product developer, and regularly speaks on the intersection of cannabis with sex, kink, and consent culture.


The Consent Academy is a group of dedicated educators and activists who provide quality consent training and consultations. We have come together to promote Consent Culture through education, speaking out, and supporting organizations that want to do better. We talk a lot about consent and consensual activity. It’s the cornerstone of what we teach and who we are. And while that is easy to say, we know that living a dedication to consent takes work, awareness, and a willingness to engage.


DoNotGoGently (DNGG) is a overeducated but down-to-earth kinkster and pop culture aficionado. She considers herself a kinky, semi-radical, sex-positive, monoflexible, womanist femme although most people mistake her for the girl-next-door. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her plotting how best to execute her plan to become a modern-day Amazon warrior.

DNGG started her kink and leather journey in Pittsburgh, PA and quickly found her place as an organizer and presenter. She is the founder of Grapple Pitt, the Pittsburgh Mentoring Program (PIMP), and Pittsburgh Coalition of Leather & BDSM Women, and a former President of Three Rivers Leather Club. When life dictated a move across the country to Seattle, DNGG once again dove into the local kink scene taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator at the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC). Throughout her time in kink, she has presented at several events throughout the United States and Canada including WOLFE, Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Shibaricon, Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, Kinko de Mayo, and TEASE. She has also appeared as a bondage model for Kink Academy and Beauties in Bondage.


jimduvallJim Duvall is a sexuality activist who teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage all over North America. He is a founder of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and CSPC, and a current Board member and Secretary for the Pan Eros Foundation


HarmonRussell Harmon has been teaching popular kink-related classes since 1999. He runs Lovingly Handmade Pornography, to show that intensity and fun aren’t mutually exclusive in SM porn. He helped create the Wet Spot (now the CSPC), and rides a motorcycle year-round in the Pacific Northwest, proving that he really is masochistic as well as sadistic.


Tom Hill is a new to the Seattle, WA art community (originally from Chicago, IL). In 2004, he received his BA in Art, Communication and Theater from Monmouth College.  Even though Tom has been performing on a professional level since he was a teenager, in college is where he delved into performance art creations of experiential environmentally controlled happenings. Tom has exploded out on the scene for his artistic hook suspension performance pieces. Tom is an experienced and licensed professional that has been working in the industry performing body piercings and body modifications since 2010. Tom has toured all over the country, lecturing on Hook Suspension and Needle Play showcasing those skills nationwide. To him, it’s not just another piercing, it is an unique and personal experience.


Leah Hirsch is a staunch advocate for having a happy, healthy, and safer sex life. Her experience stems mostly from her work with Planned Parenthood and Avoid the Stork, both in Iowa. Leah is thrilled to be able to continue this work in Seattle with the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture as a volunteer educator.


Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti is a polyamory educator and bisexual activist who is available for panel discussions and presentations on responsible non-monogamy. She has been fascinated by relationships and sexuality as long as she can remember, even during her fundamentalist xtian days. She is also a breast cancer survivor, poet, public speaker, singer, photographer, performance artist and long-time artist’s model. You can learn more about her from the following articles: “A Bisexual Woman’s Journey of Learning Defiance and Courage Against All Odds” and “Life with Two Boyfriends: Inside a Polyamorous Relationship


La La Lipsy is a professional Lifestyle Consultant who has been a Sensualist for over 20 years. She has traveled the globe living and learning the art of touch from the perspective of other cultures and her own. She works with couples and single people who want to re-connect through sensual ambience, touch and sexuality. She is an educator who loves sharing information and helping people experience pleasure in new ways.


Sexual Icon Mistress Matisse started VELVET SWING™ after discovering cannabis’ ability to greatly enhance people’s sex lives. Mistress Matisse has been a professional dominatrix in Seattle since 1997, and been writing and educating people about BDSM, polyamory, and sex work for twenty years. She tweets at @MistressMatisse.



Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Naj joined the organized BDSM community in 2005, but was exploring kink and introducing others to play piercing, figging, sounding, fisting, and more for years before that. More recently, Najalaise has had the pleasure of presenting at Paradise Unbound, Seattle’s Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, and conferences across the country. They have also taken a turn behind the scenes, including working on the organizing committee for the 2013 Kink LINCS Leadership Symposium, serving as Programming Director for Paradise Unbound 2014, and planning parties and panel discussions at on an ongoing basis. Naj is gleeful about learning and trying new things, both as a top and as a bottom, and is invested in creating spaces that foster knowledge and creativity by making it okay to screw up in public.


headshotNekole Shapiro helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life.  With her roots firmly in Tantra, she weaves her lifetime of body-work experience together with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies to create ground breaking education experiences for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity.  Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on and changing lives! You can learn more about Nekole at

Sophia_6394-editSophia Sky is identifies as a Shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. She is the Executive Director of the Pan Eros Foundation and is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality, speaking at universities, conventions, and private groups around North America. Sophia believes that being sex positive means respecting the spectrum of sexual expression from asexual to the omnisexual. She is a lover of art, sex, learning & starry skies.


Sar - Purple - SittingSar Surmick is a Sex-Positive Marriage & Family Therapist and Educator located in Seattle and Redmond, WA. Sar specializes in working within the Poly, Kink, Queer, and Trans* communities, seeing couples, individuals, moresomes, and families for relationship difficulties, mental health issues, non-monogamy work, gender, sex, and all identity concerns.

Sar speaks and educates about consent, the importance of communication in relationships, understanding the role identity plays in a person’s life, and working from a sex-positive perspective. More information about Sar’s practice can be found at:


Sock logo without website

Sunshine of The School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.), a group of kinksters focused on teaching introductory kink classes on a variety of topics. They have been been running a Burning Man theme camp and teaching classes there since 2014 and are excited to bring their classes to Sexploration.


Since joining the Seattle kink scene in 2011, Trouble has become an advocate for enthusiastic consent, risk mitigation, inclusion, and (almost) all things rope or latex. Whether teaching solo or with a group, her focus is on making sure everyone’s needs are addressed, doing dangerous things well, and feeling good while doing them. Her dynamic and interactive teaching style incorporates multiple learning styles, ensuring that all students have a chance to be heard, participate, and get information specific to their interests. Outside of teaching, Trouble leads a women’s rope group and is the visual art manager for Seattle Erotic Art Festival. She’s called Trouble for a reason. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Chloe Vargamor is a versatile, vibrant, voracious, and occasionally vexing sex positive educator and activist. She spends her time volunteering with The Pan Eros Foundation and Consent Academy, working to support diverse and at risk groups, and building fun and long-lasting relationships. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @morbidsexkitten


Aurora Violent is a Seattle based diving and medical professional who leads guided underwater tours of the Puget Sound. Fusing her formal free diving training and experience, and anatomical knowledge, breath holding has become one of her favorite bedroom activities. Her background is in water rescue since 2004 and an enthusiastic kinkster since the Center of Sex Positive Culture would legally allow her in the door. Aurora’s current goal is to participate in free diving competitions.