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Our Worlds Halloween Carnival is THIS MONTH!

What better way to celebrate Halloween night than at Our Worlds Halloween Carnival? Join us for a thrilling pansexual play party benefiting the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture’s new literary magazine, Evoke SexuaLITy.

This special event is coming up in just a few weeks.
Do you have your tickets yet?

Learn more and purchase tickets today!

Our Worlds Halloween Carnival : Unleash Your Fantasies and Play With Us

A pansexual play party at the Center for Sex Positive Culture

Halloween – Wednesday, October 31
Doors open at 7:30pm, Party runs until 1am
Off World Salon is open 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Center for Sex Positive Culture (Annex entrance)
1608 15th Ave W
Seattle WA 98119

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Step into Our Worlds where dragons, faeries, vampires, and witches await you in our Fantasy World… travel on to a world far far away in Iconic Sci-fi… and when you’re ready to come back from where no one has gone before, but not necessarily to Earth, then join us in the wonderful world of Tim Burton for all the weird, sexy, and exaggerated awesome you can stand!

Camouflage yourself in costume and enter the costume contest with amazing prizes.

Come early and indulge in the Off World Salon for pre-party hair and makeup to get those finishing touches on your costume just right!

Then come on in and enjoy hot music , savor tasty treats, and let the Between Worlds Mocktail Lounge slate your thirst as you explore each exciting world.

Don’t miss your chance to pose for  professional photographers and get your picture taken with one (or all!) of our marvelous backdrops: we have a backdrop for each of the three worlds!

Plus games, art, and prizes await you with the following fun activities:

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[li]Pop the cherry, win a prize! [/li]
[li]Pitch your luck in our pumpkin pitch and wow your friends [/li]
[li]Bob for…? Come use your talented mouth to win prizes [/li]
[li]Test your wits in our chalk outline scavenger hunt [/li]
[li]Make your artistic mark in our very own pumpkin patch [/li]
[li]Add your dark and sexy imagination to our scrolling story[/li]
[li]And more![/li]

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Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of our 10 VIPs!

$50 – VIP Tickets (only 10 available!)

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]Reserved Parking Spot (Annex Entrance)[/li]
[li]15 Minutes Free at the Off World Salon[/li]
[li]20 Fun Tickets [/li]

[li]1 Photo Card (free set of photos) [/li]
[li]VIP Swag Bag[/li]

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$30 Tri-Worlds Tickets (only available in advance)

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]10 Fun Tickets [/li]
[li]1 Photo Card (free set of photos) [/li]
[li]Tri-Worlds Treat Bag[/li]

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$20 Standard Ticket

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[li]Entrance to Party[/li]
[li]Costume Contest [/li]
[li]5 Fun Tickets [/li]

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Advance ticket sales end Sunday Oct 28th at 11.59 pm.
Only standard tickets will be available at the door, so indulge in VIP or Tri-Worlds Tickets today!

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Fun Tickets for Activities

All games, drinks and activities require Fun Tickets to participate, purchasable at the party for $1.00/ticket or $15.00/20 tickets.

Photo cards are available for purchase for $5.00, and include a set of professionally taken and edited photos.

The Off World Salon is $1.00/minute. Typically it will take 15 minutes for hair or makeup.

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Have Fun and Support Us

All proceeds from this event benefit Evoke sexuaLITy Literary Magazine and the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.

Support us by coming out and celebrating Halloween!

Please note: everyone 18 years old or older is welcome. Membership to the Center for Sex Positive Culture is not required.  

Educational Opportunities in October!

The Foundation is delighted to produce a number of exciting educational events throughout the month of October. Learn more about what’s coming up, and save the dates!

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Saturday October 6th, 8pm- 1am

*NEW* Explore! – An FSPC Extended Educational Experience & Play Party

Educator Jim Duvall

Each month the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture will present a workshop immediately followed by an experiential party focused on the topic of that workshop. The featured presenter (or presenters) will be on hand for the rest of the evening to continue the conversations, be available for coaching as you try something new or provide feedback on the skills you learned in class as you implement them. There will also be plenty of time for socializing with other attendees to share ideas and knowledge and meet people with similar interests.

October’s workshop is Consensual NonConsent Play with Jim Duvall!

Consensual NonConsent is a type of play that focuses on the fantasy of not having control/taking total control over a situation or person, including resistance play, “make me” games, abduction role play and rape role play.

Attending CSPC Members will receive a $10 discount.

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Sunday October 7th, 2:30-5:30pm

Max’s Bondage Workshop Series: Bondage from the Bottom’s Perspective

Educator Max

If you are looking for a “beyond technique” bondage workshop, this is for you. Hearing what’s going on in someone’s head when they’re bound will make you a more capable bottom and a more creative top. This workshop assumes no previous bondage experience, and is appropriate for all genders and orientations. You can learn more about Max at his website.

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Thursday October 11th, 7-9pm

Signal from Noise : Transformational Sounds for Kinksters by Bendyogagirl

Educator Bendyyogagirl

If you enjoyed Bendyogagirl’s classes at Paradise Unbound, then you definitely want to join un before the Grind.

What we do can stir up a lot of emotions.  And Bendy isn’t just talking ecstatic or cathartic release.  Anger, fear, restlessness, anxiety, etc. are all a part of what we do, and they can affect both tops and bottoms.  This class focuses on teaching specific breathing techniques that are useful for transforming negative emotions into positive emotions.[spacer height=”20″]

Sunday October 14th, Noon-4pm

Breathwork Intensive by Bendyogagirl

Still want to learn more about incorporating breathwork into your play and sex? Join Bendy again as she builds on the basics from Signal From Noise and Paradise Unbound’s Breathwork in a 4 hour workshop.

Breathwork provides an opportunity to bring awareness to this most basic of body functions.  This awareness has many uses, including (but not limited to) creating alternative states of consciousness, connect with partner/s, and self-healing.  This event is meant to serve as an experiential journey through several forms of breathwork, so that you can keep the techniques with which you resonate and bring them into your life, play and relationships.

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Thursday October 25th, 7-9pm

Assertive Communication for Submissives by CrimsonBrain

Educator Crimson Brain

This workshop will address relationship concerns that those who currently identify as submissives often face. It is designed to provide communication tools that will help in establishing healthy and respectful kinky relationships. Designed as a basic level workshop that is primarily for the novice, it will also provide useful information for the experienced submissive, as well.

Large featured image by Jim Duvall.

Seduction is Four Weeks Away!

Seduction is four weeks away! Do you have your tickets yet? We’ve announced lots of new highlights, from top DJs to sexy art installations… you won’t want to miss Seattle’s sexiest Halloween experience!

Purchase tickets early and save. Hundreds have already sold, and our Tier 1 tickets are now no longer available. Purchase Tier 2 tickets ($28 single/$50 couple) before they switch to Final Tier pricing ($40 single/$75 couple).

Last year, Seduction drew over 1,500 of Seattle’s sexiest and most creative people. Don’t miss it.

Purchase tickets today.

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Velvet VIP Experience

If you’re tempted by VIP, only a limited number remain.

Indulge yourself in a Velvet VIP Experience, including:

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[li]reserved parking right beside the venue [/li]
[li]express entry/re-entry [/li]
[li]elevated VIP lounge [/li]
[li]private VIP lobby [/li]
[li]drink tickets and VIP-only bar [/li]
[li]admission to the exclusive after-party [/li]
[li]unlimited free photos[/li]
[li]and more! [/li]

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Secure your Velvet Experience today.

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Come see and be seen at this alluring night of amazing music and dancing, enticing performances, lavish erotic art showcase, sultry interactive installations,  lots of delicious eye-candy, and so much more.