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December 2014 Workshops & Events

We know you are busy this month so we have just a few really good workshops to help give you ideas for cozy, indoor activities. During December, some of our regular events may change their times or locations to accommodate special holiday events. Some events, such as Sex Geekdom Seattle Meetup and the Intimate Polarity Support Group are taking the month off and will resume regular meetings in 2015. Please be sure to check the calendar to confirm event details.

Sunday, Dec. 7 – 2:30pm

The Tender Bits: Male & Female Genital Bondage ~ Educator: Max

CSPC Main Space: $40. Advance: $35

Saturday, Dec. 13 – Noon-5pm

Winter Kinky Vendor Fair

Find the perfect stocking stuffers at the Center for Sex Positive Culture Winter Vendor Fair!
Enter through the CSPC Annex to access all spaces. $5 Suggested Donation

Sunday, Dec. 14 – 1:00pm

Energetic Connections: An Intimate Exploration of Experiencing People without Labels ~ Educators: Monique Darling and Mac McGregor

CSPC Main Space: $25. Advance: $20 (Individual) / $35 (Couple) / $50 (Triad)

Wednesday, Dec. 17 – 7:00pm

Monoga-Maybe Adventuring into Open Relationships ~ Educators: Siouxsie Q & Jesse James

CSPC Annex $25. Advance: $20 (Individual) / $35 (Couple)

Saturday, Dec. 27 – 4:00 pm

Feedback in BDSM Play – It’s not “Topping from the Bottom” ~ Educator: Sophia Sky

FSPC Studio: $20. Advance: $15 (Individual) / $25 (Couple) / $40 (Triad)


Featured Photo by Jim Duvall.

Year End Retrospective and Giving Campaign

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture promotes the many ways sex is beneficial through education, outreach, the arts, advocacy, and research programs that serve the public.

14376520636_e76527bbd1_bA major goal of the Foundation for 2014 has been to evaluate and assure alignment of all our programs with our mission. We are pleased to report that each program and event that the Foundation presents to the public now fully supports the mission’s sentiment that accepting our sexual identities and selves is a necessity to living life as a healthy and whole individual. An example of this realignment is the successful Seduction 2014, where we expanded the dance party into an event that showcases and celebrates erotic performance art.

We started the year with opening the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture to the general public. This was a huge change in our operations, as we have never had a daily presence with open hours. We extend our deepest gratitude to Lisa and Chloe, the amazing volunteer co-directors, and their staff that spearheaded the Library renovation and open hours program.

Our Education program reached 1700+ individuals through 105 educational opportunities over the year. Respecting the spectrum from asexual to omnisexual, the Education Program supported people in exploring and nurturing the type and amount of sex, sensual pleasure, and intimacy that is right for them though a variety of workshops and lectures. Examples of this year’s offerings: Holiday Survival Kit – Being Out and Coming Out; Bondage 101; Increasing Intimacy; Conscious Self-Pleasuring; and Legal Options for Non-Traditional Relationships.

The Foundation allows and encourages local sexual health researchers and educators to access our extensive Library and provides space to interview and meet with those that they serve. The Evergreen AIDS Foundation offers weekly free HIV testing and counseling on site. We frequently support the University of Washington Virology Clinic search for subjects for specific clinical trials.

SophiaLeilaThe Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) celebrated it’s 12th anniversary with incredible art from all over the world, performances that mesmerized, and interactive installations that titillated and confronted. We are very proud to have maintained our average of 25% of exhibition art sold, continuing our legacy of supporting living artists by selling more art than any other comparable event. Every year, thousands of people bravely consent to have their concepts of what is erotic broadened.

Creating these opportunities takes a tremendous amount of resources and we rely heavily on our volunteers and donors, in addition to our programs’ income. As you consider your year-end giving, please add the Foundation to the list of organizations that you enjoy supporting. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit which means that not only are donations tax-deductible, many employers will match all or part of your donation.

December 2nd is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. This is our first year as a participating organization. If you choose to donate on December 2nd, we will give you a commemorative wine glass for every hundred dollars you donate. Donations can be made via the Amazon Donation button on our website, a credit card over the phone, or mailing a check.

Of course, you do not need to wait until December 2 to donate. You can donate today, tomorrow, or any day between now and the end of the year for your donation to be tax deductible for 2014. Please go to our website for more information about making a donation.

Thank you so much for supporting the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. We look forward to creating an amazing 2015 with you!

eroticWordPlayYours in gratitude,
Allena Gabosch, Executive Director
Sophia Iannicelli, Festival Director


PS: All donation are applied to our general fund, unless indicated otherwise. If you would like your donation to directly benefit The Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, or the Education Program, please email us.