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Intermediate Bondage Classes with Seattle Shibari

On October 27th, at Seduction, boasts not one performer who is also an educator, but two. Jonathan of Seattle Shibari will also be one of the bondage performers featured in the Big Top Room. On November 4th, we are hosting two workshops with Jonathan.


Friday, October 27 — two performances between 8pm & midnight
Seduction – Circus of Carnal Delights
Within SoDo: $90 – $175

Seattle Shibari is a Seattle-based rope artist who performs, ties for photoshoots, & teaches Japanese-style rope bondage. Traveling annually to Japan for further study with the masters, he works to spread appreciation for this beautiful art, and teaches and performs internationally. He performs tonight with the lovely Erie.



Saturday, November 4 — 10:00am
Save Your Shoulders! Alternatives to the TK/Boxtie ~Educator: Seattle Shibari
Ballard: $70 (Duo)  Advance: $60 (Duo)

The iconic Gote Shibari/Takate Kote/Box Tie is beautiful and restraining, but shoulder injuries and other issues make it unsuitable for lots of folks. Never fear, there are numerous beautiful ties that put the hands in front of the body and are suitable for both floorwork and suspension!

In this two-hour class, we’ll explore several effective, beautiful ties that dramatically reduce pressure on the shoulders and other parts of anatomy, making them much more sustainable for all sorts of rope bondage play. We’ll also learn tips and tricks for making your tying and bottoming more smooth, graceful, and beautiful. No pre-requisites.


Saturday, November 4 — 1:00pm
Kinbaku 301 Suspension Fundamentals: Side & M Suspension ~Educator: Seattle Shibari
Ballard: $110 (Duo)  Advance: $100 (Duo)

Learn & refine two classic, beautiful shibari suspension forms in a safe, supportive environment!

In this 4- hour workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into two beautiful, fundamental suspensions: Yoko (‘Side’) and M-ji(‘Letter M’) We’ll cover: Suspension mechanics; Troubleshooting body placement; Aesthetics; Top Line Management; Safety Issues.

Prerequisite: Top should be comfortable tying a basic 2-rope gote shibari (‘box tie’), and be competent in basic suspension line locking techniques. If they do not wish to use a box tie for the course, it’s fine to tie a hands-free chest harness, instead. Bottoms should be comfortable being tied in a gote shibari/TK, and be competent in monitoring themselves for nerve/circulation issues & communicating same to the rope top.