New home Funding Campaign is live and we need your help!

The Center for Sex Positive Culture and the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture have launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign: For those of you who may not yet know, the building that was home to both of our organizations since 1999 was sold. We have identified a new location and are looking to raise funds, in combination with current reserves, to renovate and upgrade the new location. We are looking to raise a flexible goal of $25,000 through this campaign.

Please check out the campaign and share it on your social media networks to help us get the word out. You are welcome to download the images in this post and show those as well. If you have a blog or a website, please post about it. If you belong to any groups or online communities where it is appropriate to share this, please do.

We appreciate your support helping us make Sexual Freedom for Everyone a reality.

The amazing folks at The Twisted Monk made this campaign possible with a generous sponsorship and we are eternally grateful.