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We are excited to present a robust schedule of classes for your to enjoy at Sexploration 2016! What interests you most; sex, relationships, kink, polyamory, or BDSM? Or how about a mixture?

All the workshops are divided into two tracks: Fundamental and Going Further. The Fundamental classes will introduce and offer a solid understanding of its topic. The Going Further classes take you deeper into its topic, or introduces a more complex or edgy topic. While most Going Further classes will assume some prior knowledge, these classes often will include some background or refresher information.

Due to the exploratory nature of Sexploration, we encourage you to be proactive in your class attendance. If you are curious, attend a workshop. If it is not to your interests, feel free to quietly leave and enter a different class. While late arrival is fine, please understand that missed material will not be reviewed to late arrivals. We encourage  participants to share information with each other so everyone learns as much as they want.

All Sexploration tickets include access to the 13 different classes.  See the detailed schedule here. You can get more information or purchase tickets online or call (206)229-2185.

Fundamental Track

BDSM 101: An Introduction to Kink ~Educator~ Evelyn Evey and Jim Duvall
Entering the world of BDSM can be a daunting task. Fighting your way through all the different labels, techniques and styles is difficult for even experienced players. There is no real book of standards and much of the information is presented as absolute but the next source can contradict it completely. This class will survey all the ways people get kinky with each other and help every attendee find the parts of this very vast subject that sing to them.

The Relationship Spectrum ~Educator~ Allena Gabosch
Is there a “best way” to have a relationship?  Are you monogamous? Monogamish? Are you polyamorous? Solo poly? In an open relationship? A swinger?  What does all of that mean?  Explore a broad spectrum of relationship structures and discover what they mean to you.

Negotiation: Asking For What You Want ~Educator~ Sar Surmick
There’s something you want. Maybe it’s a type of sex or a specific scene or fantasy you want to play. Maybe it’s a new kind of relationship or interlude. Maybe you want to know how to approach someone for the first time. Whatever it is, that thing you want, you’re looking for how to make it happen; how to bring someone else into it. Join Sar to explore the sensual side of negotiation and learn how to turn that want into a reality.

Get Your Flirt On ~Educator~ Allena Gabosch
Flirting is natural for some folks but for most of us it takes practice.  Flirting is a form of human interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person.  Flirting is a way of treating serious things (such as sexual attraction) with an almost mocking or self-mocking air of ease. Flirting is sometimes used as a means of expressing interest and gauging the other person’s interest in courtship, which can continue into long term relationships such as marriage. Alternatively, it may simply be a prelude to casual sex with no continuing relationship.  In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship.  Whatever style of flirting you want engage in, Allena will teach you how to do it.  She’ll cover some of the basics of flirting and why they work and you’ll get a chance to “get your flirt on” for real in this interactive workshop.

Sexual Attitude Reassesment Sampler ~Educators~ Annabelle Ketchum and Sar Surmick
A Sexual Attitude Reassessment is an intensive, multiple day, look at our beliefs and ideas about sex, sexuality, and sexual behavior. We don’t have the kind of time at Sexploration to do a full one, but we thought we would scratch the surface and give you a taste of what one is like. Join us for an exploration of sexual concepts to learn more about how you think about sex and open up to new ideas.

Bedroom Bondage: Undercover Kink ~Educator~ Jim Duvall
Restraining your partner or being restrained can be a very erotic, sexy and sensual experience. Getting them tied up in a safe and still sexy manner can be a challenge. In this class we will explore a myriad of ways to restrain your partner safely and explain why some of the common methods are not. There will be sexy demos, explanations of common and not so common ways to tie someone down with items you probably already have around the house.

An Introduction to Tantra ~Educator~ Nekole Shapiro
Exploring Intimacy will direct your attention toward your capacity to be present with yourself and others by using Oxytocin generating exercises and Tantric practices. Come to class prepared to breathe, move and release things that may be keeping you from attaining or deepen these skills. This is a clothed class. Touch will be incorporated into the training. Consent will also be emphasized as a practice before each exercise.

Going Further Track

New to the Scene, Drawn to the Edge ~Educator~ Najalaise
When you first enter the kink community, you may hear a lot of messages about what activities are appropriate to begin your explorations. People may steer you toward spanking, flogging, rope bondage, or sensation play and away from kinks which are perceived as more extreme, such as rape play, mindfucks, blood play, and more. What if edgeplay is precisely what draws you to kink, though? This discussion-focused class will address devising risk mitigation strategies, deciding on your individual acceptable risk profile, spotting red flags, and even research methods. Gain the tools to do what you desire!

Simple Intensity ~Educator~ Russell Harmon
Some of us like to play hard. There are ways to get intensity and connection in BDSM play that don’t require fancy equipment or technical skills. Some of them you probably already do: slapping, breath play, punching, wrestling, really rough sex… all of these are pretty intuitive. All of them also have unintuitive things that are good to know, both to reduce risks and to increase the fun for everyone involved. We’ll talk about and demonstrate how to play really intensely while managing the risk of harm to someone you care about.

All Tied Up Rope Bondage Basics ~Educator~ School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.)
Rope is one of the most versatile and accessible erotic props available. Once you know the basics, it’s easy to start building more “complicated” ties. After learning/reviewing two basic knots, this class will focus on developing the skills needed to devise your own combination of bondage ties, including harnesses. There will be info specifically for the person being tied to be an active and proactive participant in the bondage fun. Each participant is encouraged to tie and be tied during the exercises. If you can, please bring 2-3 long lengths or rope. Some “loaner” rope will be available.

Non-Monogamy Panel Discussion ~Educators~ Gloria Jackson-Neferiti, Trick, and Allena Gabosch
This panel offers three unique views on living in non-monogamous relationships and they want to share what they have learned with you. After brief introductions, the panel will open themselves to your questions about polyamory, swinging, and ethical non-monogamy in general. Bring your questions and an open mind.

Introduction to Power Dynamics ~Educator~ Najalaise
Curious about dominance and submission? Exploring BDSM can open up not just a new range of delicious activities to engage in, but also an entirely new set of ways to structure our interactions and our relationships. If you’re interested in incorporating D/s into your scenes or your intimate relationships, please come ready to discuss many different power dynamics, ways to negotiate authority transfer, and more. We’ll particularly focus on how we can make power imbalance deliberate rather than accidental, in order to strive for relationships which are hot and healthful for everyone involved.

Maximizing for Shenanigans in the Sex Positive Community ~Educator~ Evelyn Evey
Want to maximize your fun and connection at parties or in the sex/kink community in general? This class will first help you figure out who you are, what you are looking for, and then from there how to set out and make it more so! We will discuss topics such as labels, flirting, communication, and pick-up play, to help you get out there and get what you want!

Educators and SexPerts

jimduvallJim Duvall is a sexuality activist who teaches on a variety of topics from erotic photography to rope bondage all over North America. He is a founder of the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. He is a past President and Board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and CSPC, and a current Board member and past Board President for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture.


Allena HeadshotAllena Gabosch has been active in the sex positive movement practically from its inception; producing educational and social events for the sex-positive community since 1990.  She is a frequent speaker on many sexuality related subjects at colleges and conferences around the US and Canada, with an emphasis on Sexuality, Relationships,  BDSM and Polyamory.  She is a frequent guest on local and national radio and television as an expert on sexuality and has been in numerous documentaries. She was a former Producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. She is a board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a former commissioner with the Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities. She is currently working on several books, including one for parents on raising children without sexual shame.   She is a kinky bisexual, polyamorous switch and considers herself extremely blessed as she has a rich and full poly life, with many amazing and loving people in her “polycule”.


EvelynEvey Evelyn Evey is a happily kinky, switchy, sadomasochistic, polyamorous, queer experience junkie who lives in Seattle, Washington where she is actively involved with the Center for Sex Positive Culture and the local BDSM community. She is vice president of the board of directors for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and has had various roles with the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  A voracious learner, she has studied Ayurveda, Tantric Yoga, psychology, and acting, all of which have provided her insight and tools for helping others on their own journeys towards finding balance and having fun with their kink.


HarmonRussell Harmon has been teaching popular kink-related classes since 1999. He runs Lovingly Handmade Pornography, a successful effort to prove that intensity and fun aren’t mutually exclusive in SM porn. The class he’s currently most proud of is co-teaching ‘When Things Go Wrong’. He was involved in the creation of the Wet Spot in Seattle, and rides a motorcycle year-round in the Pacific Northwest, proving that he really is masochistic as well as sadistic.


LeahHirsch-outside_smLeah Hirsch is a staunch advocate for having a happy, healthy, and safer sex life. Her experience stems mostly from her work with Planned Parenthood and Avoid the Stork, both in Iowa. Leah is thrilled to be able to continue this work in Seattle with the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture as a volunteer educator.



Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti is a polyamory educator and bisexual activist who is available for panel discussions and presentations on responsible non-monogamy. She has been fascinated by relationships and sexuality as long as she can remember, even during her fundamentalist xtian days. She is also a breast cancer survivor, poet, public speaker, singer, photographer, performance artist and long-time artist’s model. You can learn more about her from the following articles: “There are no Absolutes with Anything” and “Life with Two Boyfriends: Inside a Polyamorous Relationship




Annabelle Ketchum is a first year graduate student at Seattle Pacific University studying Marriage and Family therapy. Her main areas of interest include comprehensive sex education and non-monogamy.




Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Naj joined the organized BDSM community in 2005, but was exploring kink and introducing others to play piercing, figging, sounding, fisting, and more for years before that. More recently, Najalaise has had the pleasure of presenting at Paradise Unbound, Seattle’s Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, and conferences across the country. They have also taken a turn behind the scenes, including working on the organizing committee for the 2013 Kink LINCS Leadership Symposium, serving as Programming Director for Paradise Unbound 2014, and planning parties and panel discussions at on an ongoing basis. Naj is gleeful about learning and trying new things, both as a top and as a bottom, and is invested in creating spaces that foster knowledge and creativity by making it okay to screw up in public.


headshotNekole Shapiro helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life.  With her roots firmly in Tantra, she weaves her lifetime of body-work experience together with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies to create ground breaking education experiences for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity.  Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on and changing lives! You can learn more about Nekole at


Sar - Purple - SittingSar Surmick is a Sex-Positive Marriage & Family Therapist and Educator located in Seattle and Redmond, WA. Sar specializes in working within the Poly, Kink, Queer, and Trans* communities, seeing couples, individuals, moresomes, and families for relationship difficulties, mental health issues, non-monogamy work, gender, sex, and all identity concerns.

Sar speaks and educates about consent, the importance of communication in relationships, understanding the role identity plays in a person’s life, and working from a sex-positive perspective. More information about Sar’s practice can be found at:


Sock logo without website


The School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.) is a group of kinksters focused on teaching introductory kink classes on a variety of topics. They have been been running a Burning Man theme camp and teaching classes there since 2014 and are excited for instructors Sunshine and Feynman to bring their classes to Sexploration.


Sophia Sky
is identifies as a Shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. She is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality, speaking at universities, conventions, and private groups around North America. Sophia believes that being sex positive means respecting the spectrum of sexual expression from asexual to the omnisexual. She is a lover of art, sex, learning & starry skies.



Trick, as he’s known by everyone who loves him, is an out, kinky gay man who has been polyamorous for going on 9 years.  He is currently what many call “solo poly” as he does not live with any partners.   His close friend, Allena, says he is one of the most compersive people she’s ever known.  Besides being poly he identifies as a leather boy and has been exploring kink for over 10 years.