A Weekend of Consent and Art

The Foundation is very proud to be a sponsor of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s Consent Summit this Saturday, April 23rd. Spend the afternoon discussing consent with local and national sex positive activists. In the evening, celebrate eroticism via the arts at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. On Sunday, the discussion about consent continues with a special art tour with NCSF Spokesperson, Susan Wright at the Festival.

NCSF Consent Summit

Keynote Speaker & Panelist Tristain Taormino

Keynote Speaker & Panelist Tristain Taormino

The NCSF Consent Summit is an all-day event of workshops and discussions on consent in Seattle. Attitudes are changing about consent, and it’s time to join in the conversation!

10am – 6pm on April 23rd
Center for Sex-Positive Culture, 1602 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA

Download the program.

Register in advance.
Luncheon and Keynote are sold out. Summit tickets sans luncheon still available.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is an experience unlike any other festival or gallery you have likely ever attended.  Over the course of three days, a curated selection of some of the finest erotic art the world has to offer will grace the floors of the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, awaiting your perusal and enjoyment.

Whether you are most excited for performances by Seattle’s sexiest burlesque sensations, dancing late into the night in a voluptuous atmosphere, indulging in aphrodisiacs in Aaaahz!, or being art in your sultriest finery, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival has something for every new or veteran sex positive explorer.

lesley_300_new-1Erotic art is all around you at the Festival… on the stage, on podiums and walls and screens… even right there behind you! Our anonymous troupe will delight you with tiny, surprising performances all around the Festival floor. We are here to share moments with you: hyper-local experiences of love and lust, of beauty, of intensity and consent and connection, of passion and humor. We’ll be just around that corner over there…

Not only will you be able to enjoy art, you can create art! Throughout the Festival there will be both scheduled and spontaneous life drawing sessions, where in many cases we will go beyond nude. Or perhaps painting is something you would like to try your hand at. Under the guidance of our instructor, your will take home your own original painting after attending Brush Strokes.

Tickets are available online until the Festival opens each day. Prices go up at the door.

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