Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

April 7-9 Workshops

This week, we are proud to offer some weightier classes that will take you deeper in your journey. Whether you want to delve into the physical or the interpersonal side of your relationships, we have something for you.

Thursday, April 7 – 7:00pm
Demystifying STIs and Safer Sex in a Sex Positive World ~Educators: Mickey & Lea

condomsWhether you’re new to sex or jumping back into dating, having good information about sex and the related health concerns is important. What is Safer Sex and how can we make it fun and easy to incorporate into our romantic and playful encounters? Prepare to learn: how to decide what Safer Sex protocols are for you; an overview of available supplies; when and how to easily bring up “the talk”; and how to make Safer Sex sexy!  We will focus on solid facts about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and dispelling the stigmas that are often attached to these infections so you can make informed and rational decisions regarding your health.


Saturday, April 9 – [CANCELLED]
Intimacy and Relationship ~ Educators: Nekole Shapiro & Allena Gabosch

headshot FreddieAllena HeadshotThis workshop has been cancelled due to not meeting the minimum number of participants. This class will be rescheduled sometime in May, most likely during an evening.

Please email [email protected] to be notified of when this class is rescheduled.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your interest in these offerings.

Saturday, April 9 – 7:00pm
Breath Holds in the Bedroom ~Educator: Aurora Violet

Breath-crop-AuroraEach breath is essential to life, keeping that breath can bring you presently into this very moment. This class will teach skill sets for tops, bottoms, and all people who breathe air.

After an overview of the anatomy of your breathing and blood flow systems and how they work together, Aurora will teach you to incorporate various breathing techniques and breath holds to enhance sex and erotic BDSM activities. Along with sexy demos and hands on practice, we will discuss key safety issues, what to do if things go wrong, and accident prevention.