This week’s Education

We have kinkier than usual workshops available this week for those of you who want to be bold and adventurous!

Tuesday March 29 – 7:00pm
Extreme Fantasy Role Play ~ Educator: Jim Duvall

DSC_9788How to explore the fantasy of Abduction and Ravishment/Rape Play while supporting Consent Culture.

The last word in this title is the most important: “play”. This class is about how to make this seemingly illegal and non-consensual activity in the outside world a part of our play. This is a daunting task that requires close examination of your physical, emotional, philosophical and social concerns of rape and abduction play. The questions we will explore are how far are we each willing to go for realism and/or how far are we willing to go for safety. I will talk about my previous play experiences as examples and give details on the ins and outs of negotiating and executing these hot scenes.
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $32 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)

Sunday, April 3 — 3PM-6PM
The Tender Bits: Male and Female Genital Bondage

ThEbi-Angelo-55_250is workshop covers some particularly intimate, effective and sexy bondage techniques.

We’ll start with the basics of immobilizing and tormenting boy-bits. There will be a nice demo, information on cock and ball safety and some thoughts on how to adapt the techniques to your own situation. Next you will learn a variety of techniques for binding, displaying and stimulating girl-bits – labia, clit and breasts. And then we’ll all practice what we’ve learned, so bring your genitals and your friends with genitals.
CSPC Main Space: $40. Advance: $35 (Solo)