Getting Started in Erotic Hypnosis

Right now there is an exciting trend where people are using hypnosis to explore their eroticism. Everyone talks about the mind being the largest sexual organ and the possibilities of this type of erotic play are truly limitless.

Join Jim Duvall this Sunday at noon for a workshop that will give you a strong foundation upon which to build your erotic hypnotic adventures! Starting with ethics and consent, Jim will lead a discussion of all the exciting and sexy things you can do with your partner with erotic hypnosis. This will be a participatory class, where everyone will have the opportunity to hypnotize and be hypnotized. Experiencing hypnosis and being in trance will increase your skills as a hypnotist, as well as helping you develop skills as a hypnosis bottom.

Get yourself started on a cerebral adventure! Tickets are available online until midnight before the class and also at the door, 20 minutes before the class starts. Print a pillow and something to lay on, such as a blanket or a yogo mat. Please arrive on time! Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, no late arrival will be allowed. Doors will be locked at 12:10pm.

Erotic Hypnosis: Getting Started
Sunday, March 20, 2016 — Noon-3pm