Explore Black Burlesque on Saturday, 1pm!

International Black Burlesque Company started “Unveiling The Hidden Story of Black Burlesque” just one year ago at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. The goal is simple: to let the public know that Black burlesque exists and how it fares today. Come learn about this thriving community!

Sinnator Charlotte is an edgy, in your face, burlesque entity. Whether she’s criticizing the burlesque scene on social media and her YouTube channels (Sinnator Charlotte and International Black Burlesque Company), producing shows, or lecturing on burlesque, she’s all over it. Improving the industry as a whole has always been a passion of hers.

A little over four years ago, Charlotte created “International Black Burlesque Performers” on
Facebook. It was meant to be a networking platform for Black burlesque performers around the world. It very soon became one of the most credible sources on the subject of Black burlesque, so much so that it was listed as a reference in BuzzFeed’s “Black Burlesque Performers FTW”.

Today “IBBP” is International Black Burlesque Company and since 2012 it has produced yearly shows, Its annual show Noir Night, was recently featured on NPR last February. Sinnator Charlotte is the ambassador of burlesque (emphasis on the “ass”) She hosts and
produces her shows with universal comedy that makes burlesque less intimidating to the novice audience member but holds show that even the most exclusive burlesque snob can enjoy. She is a captivating performer, charismatic speaker, and a passionate producer.

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