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June Workshops and Events

In addition to these great workshops, we have a wide variety of regular monthly events that include special interest and discussion groups. We also have two new events starting in June that we are very excited about. On the 1st Mondays, the Library will host the Survivors of Sexual Abuse Support Group and on the 4th Tuesdays, the Sex Positive Story Slam will take over the CSPC Main Space.

Sunday, June 7 – 2:30pm
Bondage Beyond Rope – Exotic Bondage Gear ~ Educator: Max

This workshop is your chance to get up close and personal with a whole lot of extraordinary bondage equipment.
CSPC Main: $40. Advance: $35 (Solo)

Sunday, June 7 – 6:00pm
Tantric Masturbation for Women: Sex As A Healing Art ~ Educator: Devi Ward

Negative sexual experiences of any type can activate the body’s natural defensive mechanism, causing us to form “genital armoring”, which mutes or numbs our ability to feel sexual sensations. Learn ancient Tantric practices for sexual healing and awakening your full orgasmic potential.
CSPC Annex: $35. Advance: $27 (Solo) $52 (Duo)

Tuesday, June 9 – 7:00pm
The Art of Consensual Seduction – A sexy communication workshop ~ Educator: Sar Surmick

There are amazing ways to weave negotiation and consent into an intimate, arousing, and sexual seduction and leave you both feeling heard, safe, and ready. Come find out how.
FSPC Studio: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $32 (Duo) $48 (Trio)

Saturday, June 13 – 7:00pm
The Alchemy of Pain – A workshop on processing intense sensations ~ Educator: Evelyn Evey

Evelyn Evey will teach you tricks and techniques to help you get the most out of your pain, both physical and emotional.
FSPC Studio: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $32 (Duo) $48 (Trio)

Sunday, June 14 – 12:00pm
Sex, Intimacy and Relationship ~ Educators: Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro

Join Allena and Nekole in a workshop designed to clear up some of the ambiguity around these topics so that you can more joyfully and powerfully engage in the culture of Sex-Positivity.
CSPC Main: $40. Advance: $35 (Solo) $50 (Duo)

Sunday, June 14 – 5:00pm
Erotic Massage Night ~ Last one until September!

When we honor our bodies and connect from our hearts, we can explore new places of erotic freedom.  You need not have prior experience in erotic massage but must attend with a willingness to give as well as receive.
CSPC Main: $15 (Cash preferred)

Sunday, June 14 – 7:00pm
When Things Go Wrong ~ Educators: Max and Russell

Ideally, these events can be opportunities for learning and growth. We’ll talk specifically about three key elements of your response: Dealing with the situation; Learning for next time;  Retaining and rebuilding trust. Since prevention is even better than reaction, we’ll also discuss how to make your scenes more resilient and less likely to go wrong.
CSPC Annex: $40. Advance: $35 (Solo) or $25 with promo code: lovinglyhandmadepornography.com

Wednesday, June 24 – 7:00pm
Learning the Ropes: Introduction to Bondage ~ Educator: Jim Duvall

Rope is affordable, changeable, and brings out your creativity. In this class, there will be hands-on practice of basic knots and wraps, along with plenty of safety info so you can enjoy yourself sans worry.
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $34 (Duo)

Sunday, June 28 – 4:00pm
Conscious Self Pleasuring: A workshop to nurture your primary sexual relationship ~ Educator: Will

Conscious self-pleasuring often produces a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this erotic trance state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom.
FSPC Studio: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo)
Attendees receive $5 off voucher for Myself! party, next door at the CSPC.

Featured photo by Jim Duvall.