April is full to bursting!

Not only do we have interesting and exciting workshops in April, our flagship program, Seattle Erotic Art Festival is April 23 through 25! We are releasing all the details of that sensuous weekend as they are confirmed. Be sure to keep an eye on the SEAF2015 website for more information.

cover final front onlyThursday, Apr. 2 – 7:30pm

The Current State of Affairs of This Thing We Call Sex ~ Educator: David Steinberg
A lecture, book signing, and celebration of David Steinberg’s new book: This Thing We Call Sex
FSPC Studio: $15. Advance: $10 (Solo)
Reading and Book Signing starting at 8:30PM: Free

Saturday, Apr. 4 – 12:00 pm

Seattle Erotic Art Festival All Volunteer Information Meeting and Special Trainings
Join us to learn more about how you can get involved with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival!
CSPC Main Space: Free

Sunday, Apr. 5 – 2:30pm

Hogties and Ebis ~ Educator: Max
Explore multiple versions of the hogtie and the ebi, showing you how to adjust the rigor of each tie to match your mood, your objectives, and your bottom’s stamina.
CSPC Main: $40. Advance: $35- Solo

_DSC9464Saturday, Apr. 11 — 7:00pm

Tie Me To The Bedpost, Please! ~ Educator: Jim Duvall
A Bedroom Bondage Basics skill building workshop.
CSPC Annex: $30. Advance prices: $22(Solo) $38 (Duos) $56 (Trios)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)

Sunday, Apr. 12 – 11:30am

Let’s Talk About It ~ Educator: Sar Surmick
Getting what you want in sex, love and relationships. A communication skill-building workshop.
CSPC Main: $50. Advance: $42(Solo) $72 (Duos) $100 (Trios)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)

Saturday, Apr. 18 – 10:00am


Tantra For Couples: Sex As A Healing Art ~ Educator: Devi Ward
Find out how to use Pleasure as Medicine to unlock your orgasmic potential and catalyze profound healing of body, mind, and spirit!
CSPC Annex: $140 (Couple) (does not include lunch) Advance: $100 (Couple) Add lunch for two: $20

Saturday, Apr. 18 – 1:00pm

Chain Reaction 1 ~ Educators: EricJ
Quick-release bondage from archaic arresting arts of Japan.
CSPC Main: $30. Advance: $25 (solo) $45 (duo)

Sunday, Apr. 29 – 5:00pm

Using Rituals and Protocol to Make Your D/s Sustainable ~ Educator: Mademoiselle Ceci
Living a power exchange lifestyle can be a beautiful and rewarding experience. So how do we sustain it?
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $35 (Duo) $50 (Trio)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.00.42 PM

Thursday, Apr. 23 through Apr. 25

Seattle Erotic Art Festival
The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is an experience unlike any other festival or gallery you have likely ever attended.  Over the course of three days, a curated selection of some of the finest erotic art the world has to offer await your perusal and enjoyment.
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall: Ticket prices range $10 to $275

Wednesday, Apr. 29– 7:00pm

Erotic Role Playing ~ Educator: Sar Surmick
Spice up your Sex Life with Imagination Play!
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $35 (Duos) $50 (Trios)