Gorgeous Genitals

**A guest blog by educator Jean Franzblau**

I teach a workshop called Gorgeous Genitals and ask the group to list as many names as they can think of for male and female genitalia. They then tally how many of those words have a negative connotation. It’s depressing for the group to realize how many words are negative.

I’m thinking of myself in junior high waiting for the bus after school. Two boys in my grade are roughhousing loudly. One says, “Don’t be such a pussy!” I can feel my face get red. My private parts are being referred to as the worst thing a boy can think of to call another boy.

Here’s another common way to insult someone: Don’t be such a dick!

I don’t believe that it’s necessary for a person to have experienced a physical sexual assault to have sexual trauma. Since we were children, we’ve been on the receiving end of a linguistic assault on our genitals. How has this affected your adult sexuality?

In the Gorgeous Genitals workshop (offered one time only on Saturday, January 24th), we’ll reclaim our bodies as natural and beautiful – every inch of us including our genitals. With discussions, exercises, laughter and creativity, we’ll experience ourselves and our sexualities as positive, empowering and gorgeous.

Want a suggestion to make a different for your genitals right away? After a shower or bath, find a mirror and look at your gorgeous genitals. Think this thought: Hello! Cover your genitals with your hand protectively. Think these words: I approve of myself exactly as I am. Now say the words out loud: I approve of myself exactly as I am. If you like this process, feel free to add it to your post-shower ritual.

Here are details about the Gorgeous Genitals workshop offered on January 24rd. Tickets are available now – don’t miss it!

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