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Exploring Breath with Lee Harrington!

We are very pleased and honored to have the workshop Breath and Bondage with Lee Harrington on Thursday before the CSPC’s The Grind. If you haven’t had the chance to take a workshop from such an engaging instructor, I highly recommend that you make some time in your holiday schedule to join us. Lee is only in town for one night on this trip and there are rumors of less traveling for Lee next year.

While this workshop has bondage as a basic component of play, using breath to connect with your partner, direct a scene and effect your mental state can be done in all kinds of sexy or BDSM play, regardless of the accoutrements.

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Thursday, December 12 at 7pm

Breath and Bondage with Lee Harrington

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LeeHarrington-inMelbourne-byLeeHarringtonRope bondage effects how we breathe- from the constriction of rope corsets and chest harnesses to positional asphyxia. But how we breathe also has the power to affect how we do bondage – chest breathing vs. belly breathing, intentional breathing for connection, and more. We will look into how breath moves through the body, how bondage positions effect how we breathe, then work to see how ties effect breath before diving into styles of breathing, breath training for bondage bottoms (and riggers too), and connecting through breath in our ties.

This 2 hour class is packed with practical information that you can apply to your sex and play right away! The cost is $25 each, though if you pay your entry in advance online, prices are $20 for Individuals, $35 for Couples and $50 for Triads.

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Featured photo by Lee Harrington. The original image can be found on Lee’s website.