September Workshops and Events


September is traditionally a time for school to resume. In honor of new beginnings, the Foundation is hosting an Education Summit on Saturday September 19. Join us to share your ideas and suggestions for how the Foundation’s education program in 2016 in person, or take our online survey.

Tuesday, September 1 – 7:00pm

Flying High Under the Thud – Introduction to Impact Play ~ Educator: Mademoiselle Ceci

CeciThis 101 class will focus on getting ready for your first impact play scene. Whether giving or receiving, this class will cover the basics of safety, how to choose the right implement for you and your play partner, as well as offer hands on experience with our demo bottoms. Come with your toys and questions. This is an active participation class. Not only can you try some things out on us, but we can help you find the right technique for you and your partner, so bring them along and let’s all play together.
FSPC Studio: $50 (Duo). Advance: $40 (Duo)

Friday, September 4 – 7:00pm

Honored Objects ~ Educator: Miss Amy Red

AmyRed-MT-ColorThis class teases objectification apart from the often-commingled concepts of humiliation and degradation. Instead we’ll investigate ways to push objectifications’ erotic hot buttons while acknowledging the value, purpose and appeal of those objects. For many though, praise comes with its own set of emotional risks and landmines. We’ll look at the payoffs and pitfalls of an honored object dynamic for both sides of the power exchange.
FSPC Studio: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $34 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)

Saturday, September 12 – 12:00pm

Increasing Intimacy ~ Educator: Nekole Shapiro

headshot FreddieQuality attention and attuned awareness are skills that deserve to be studied and practiced. They can mean the difference between a human-to-human interaction that fills our wells and one that leaves us feeling drained. It can also mean the difference between mediocre and mind blowing sex. Spend 4 hours with Nekole Shapiro as she supports you to more deeply connect with yourSelf and others. Exploring Intimacy will direct your attention toward your capacity to be present with yourself and others by using Oxytocin generating exercises and Tantric practices.
CSPC Main: $40 Advance: $35 (Solo) $60 (Duo)

Thursday, September 17 – 7:00pm

Consent & Negotiation for a Sex Positive World ~ Educator: Sar Surmick

Sar - Purple - SittingWhether you’re brand new to Sex Positive Culture or an old hand, there are two primary skills you need to navigate interacting with others: Consent and Negotiation. Come and get some tips, tricks and tools about how to have a good and effective negotiation with someone whether you’re requesting a new relationship, tonight’s sex, or a first hug.

Join us for this opening discussion on these two very important skills. Then take what you learn out into the larger world (or to the Chill that night) to help us create a more Sex Positive World one interaction at a time.
CSPC Raw Space: $15. Advance: $10

Saturday, September 19, 11:30am

Education Summit for 2016 ~ Facilitator: Sar Surmick

The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture is hosting an Education Summit to bring together educators, sexperts, volunteers, organizers, and anyone who has good ideas about what the Foundation can offer in 2016 and is willing to help make those ideas a reality.
CSPC Main Space: Free if RSVP to by September 7th

Saturday, September 19 – 12:00pm

Relationship Agreements: Tools for Growing with Your Partner(s) ~ Educator: Eri Kardos

Eri+Kardos+Headshot+CroppedNavigating the sometimes murky waters in any relationship can feel challenging. Whether yours is poly, kinky, or traditionally monogamous, it takes solid communication and effective tools to grow together over time. Successful relationships need agreements and understandings between you that are representative of who you are in this moment, while leaving the space to evolve over time.
FSPC Studio: $25. Advance: $20 (Solo) $36 (Duo) and $54 (Trio)

Sunday, September 20 – 11:00am

Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, & Pleasure. ~ Educator: Stella Harris.

StellaIMG_1572With vulvas being a place of mystery, and worse – a source of shame – women’s ability to receive pleasure from this area of their body can be extremely diminished. In this class we will dispel misinformation and teach you all about the vulva from anatomy to styles of touch. In addition to the external genitalia the underlying anatomical structures, the vagina, and the g-spot will also be covered.
CSPC Main Space: $25 (Solo, 11am-1pm) $65 (Duo, 11am-2:30pm)
Advance: $20 (Solo, 11am-1pm) $50 (Duo, 11am-2:30pm)

Saturday, September 25 – 7:30pm

Consent On The Edge ~ Educator: Jim Duvall

jimduvallThe term “Consensual Non-Consent” covers a lot of different relationship and play styles. But the one thing in common is that consent is a gray area to an outside observer. We will talk over definitions of consent and contrast many of them. This will not be about a “one true way” but rather give each attendee the tools to consciously enter into and navigate their own relationships. Defining their boundaries as they see fit. We will also talk about what to do when consent breaks down and how to survive that transition and repair things when it does.
CSPC Main Space: $45. Advance: $35 (Solo) $65 (Duo) and $90 (Trio)
Prices include the play party immediately following the class.

Sunday, September 27, 12:00pm

Conscious Relationship ~ Educators: Nekole Shapiro & Allena Gabosch

Sex-Int-Rel-Nekole-AllenaRelationships are not easy to navigate. Bringing our conscious selves to meet each other in the context of relationship can be a challenge. Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro for their workshop designed to bring greater awareness to the topic of relationship. Allena has been polyamorous since before the term was coined. After 40+ years she thinks she has figured out some of what it takes to make it work. Nekole has been highly fulfilled be her 20+ year monogamous relationship with her husband. From such two different experiences, these two agree their success all points back to their ability to create Conscious Relationships.
CSPC Main Space: $40. Advance: $32 (Solo) $58 (Duos)

Self-Suspension Intensive in October!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.36.28 PM

The Foundation is proud to present a special self-suspension bondage intensive over the weekend of October 17 and 18 with internationally-renowned rope educator and performer Parker RopeBoi.

This weekend intensive will be an in-depth study of the solo rope bondage ties, suspensions, and transitions drawn from the corpus of Parker RopeBoi’s style of self-suspension. We start with a fundamental single-position self-suspension and proceed through more dynamic suspensions and transition series while exploring the technical nuances of self-tying.

Each workshop will have a limited number of participants. Please purchase your tickets in advance.

Who is Parker RopeBoi?

Parker RopeBoi is a smiley queer rope enthusiast and versatile BDSM player who enjoys self-tying, tying others, and occasionally being tied. Since 2009, Parker has presented rope performances, lessons, and workshops in North America and Europe. Parker is mainly known for innovative self-suspensions and highly dynamic ties. Parker’s teaching builds upon a decade of experience. Parker seeks to create a welcoming, affirming, anti-oppressive space for folks of all genders and sexual orientations. Parker respects that all bodies are different and that there are no one-size-fits-all ties.
This weekend intensive will be an in-depth study of the solo rope bondage ties, suspensions, and transitions drawn from the corpus of Parker RopeBoi’s style of self-suspension. We start with a fundamental single-position self-suspension and proceed through more dynamic suspensions and transition series while exploring the technical nuances of self-tying.


Each workshop has its own set of pre-requisite knowledge and skills. Read the descriptions carefully, as no refunds will be offered. If you have no suspension experience prior to this intensive, Workshops 4 and 5 are not for you. Workshop 4 is for those who have intermediate to advanced
skill in suspension and/or self-suspension. Workshop 5 is available only to those that take the full
series and is not available as a separate ticket.

All suspension and self-suspension is risky and physically challenging. You are the best judge of your body’s abilities and limits. If something feels that it will be wrong or harmful for your body, you should not attempt it in the class. Often the instructor can show easy and minor adjustments to make these ties more suitable for various bodies. If you do not have all of the physical abilities listed for each workshop, you can still learn most (nearly all) of the workshop material, and even attempt the full suspension transition if you feel up to it, but you might need to alter or skip certain particular transitions. If you have particular questions or concerns about the pre-requisite skills or physical abilities necessary for the workshops, please contact the instructor in advance at RopeBoi at gmail dot com.

Private rope bondage lessons with Parker are available the following Monday and Tuesday nights by appointment in the FSPC Studio. Send inquiries concerning rates and availability to RopeBoi at gmail dot com.

Detailed Schedule and Class Descriptions

Classes will begin promptly at the listed times. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. Arrive early to help the intensive run on-schedule.

Saturday October 17

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (doors at 9:30 AM)

Workshop 1 – Introduction to Self-Suspension
(2 hours, max 25 students)

Pre-requisite Knowledge, Experience, and Physical Abilities
Facility with rope-handling techniques, controlling tension, attaching a new rope, square knot, half-hitch, single-column ties (e.g. Somerville Bowline, etc.), basic chest harness

Material Covered

  • Intro, risks/safety, self-suspension vs. partner suspension
  • A face-up self-suspension involving a hip harness and a chest harness
  • Up-line tie-offs for self-suspension
  • Going up and coming down
  • Proprioception, body awareness, and physical control in self-suspension
  • Self-leveling and relative heights in self-suspension
  • Building a Dynamic and Intuitive Rope Flow

12 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch (can be pre-purchased)

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM (doors at 12:30 PM)

Workshop 2 – Dynamic Self-Suspension
(2.5 hours, max 15 students)

Pre-requisite Knowledge and Experience
Workshop 1, and/or experience with suspension and/or self-suspension. Must also know Somerville bowline.

Some physical factors for doing the full Workshop 2 transition series without modification: ability to stand on one leg; moderate core strength (e.g. ability to hold a plank for 60 seconds); flexibility to hold a stable futomomo position (bent knee with heel touching or very close to touching upper thigh/butt); moderate hip flexibility (splits not expected! but should be able to get your legs to at least a 90o angle).

Material Covered

  • Intro, risks/safety, self-suspension vs. partner suspension
  • Parker’s approach to and guiding principles for self-suspension
  • All self-suspension is dynamic suspension, but some self-suspensions are more dynamic than others
  • Up-line tie-offs for self-suspension: different quick-releases, one-handed release
  • Self-tying a futomomo for dynamic suspension
  • Self-suspension tie involving: futomomo, chest, ankle
  • Dynamic movement in self-suspension
  • Using toes
  • Transitioning into different positions (e.g. face up, face down, side, upright, lotus) and holding them
  • Controlled lowering to the ground
  • Bonus content, time permitting: Using your arms; Using your face

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (doors at 3:30 PM)

Workshop 3 – Dynamic Body Harness for Self or Partner Suspension
(2 hours, max 25 students)

Pre-requisite Knowledge and Experience
Facility with rope handling, controlling and adjusting tension, frictions, Somerville bowline single-column tie, munter hitch, extending rope, any basic chest harness. Suspension experience is NOT required.
Does not require previous workshops to attend

Material Covered
This hands-on class teaches Parker RopeBoi’s arms-free chest/body harness. Unlike most arms-free chest harnesses, this tie features attachment points that can be used for a variety of of different bondage positions: face-up, face-down, upright, side, inverted etc. The class teaches the harness step by step and includes adjusting rope positioning and angling for various body shapes. Floorwork applications of the harness will be demonstrated. Participants who have the requisite suspension experience will have the opportunity to learn where and how to attach suspension lines to the harness in the last part of the class.
Students who are just learning suspension as well as those with significant suspension experience both can gain something from this class that is appropriate to their level of experience.

Note: This harness is the foundation of the range of suspension transitions that will be shown in Workshop 5 and is also a prerequisite for Workshop 5.

Sunday October 18

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM (doors at 10:00 AM)

Workshop 4 – Advanced Self-Suspension
(2.5 hours, max 15 students)

Pre-requisite Knowledge and Experience
Workshops 1 and 2 REQUIRED
Experience with suspension and/or self-suspension, and confident fluency with Somerville bowline

Some physical factors for doing the full Workshop 3 transition series without modification: moderate/significant core strength (e.g. ability to hold a plank for at least 60 seconds); flexibility to touch your toes; fine with being in an inverted suspension position for at least 5 minutes; fine with being in double-ankle and single-ankle suspensions; fine with spinning.

Material Covered
This class will teach a self-suspension transition series that is excerpted from one of Parker’s past performances. It involves going from a hip inversion, to pike position, to double ankle suspension, to single-ankle suspension, to lowering down from a double- or single-ankle suspension.
Bonus Content: If there is time, the class might also include 1-rope thigh self-suspension that draws upon aerial techniques and, with practice, allows going from no rope on you to being fully suspended in under a minute.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Lunch (can be pre-purchased)

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM (doors at 1:30 PM)

Workshop 5 – Most Advanced Self-Suspension
(4 hours, max 8 students)

Pre-requisite Knowledge and Experience
Significant experience with self-tying and self-suspension
Workshops 2, 3, AND 4 REQUIRED (any exceptions require instructor’s permission)

Material Covered
This workshop covers techniques and ties for a self-suspension series, excerpted from on one of Parker’s performances, which involves tying and partially immobilizing both arms. This technique also allows for approximating certain familiar kinbaku positions, such as the gote/TK and the teppou. The series of suspension transitions builds upon the body harness taught in Workshop 4. Participants will learn how to attach to this harness to set up the upright–>side–>face down–>inversion–>face up transition series.

Participants will also learn Parker’s signature single-calf harness and how how to attach to it for a self-leveling tie that allows for smooth transitions through different several self-suspension positions, including an easier way to get your leg higher than your arms could reach. Participants will learn Parker’s unique forearm tie. They will learn how to attach to it for dynamic movement & different arm positions.
Putting it all together, with practice, participants will be able to approximate the appearance & positioning of a gote/TK and a teppo and to transition smoothly through many different suspension positions.
The class also highlights the essential element of line ordering, and the importance of timing and relative heights of different component parts.

 Get your tickets now!

Needles 101 – Take 2!


We had such an outpouring of interest for the Needles 101 class last weekend that we have scheduled a second class on Friday August 21st, 2015! If you missed out on the last class, you can join Najalaise for lots of hand-on skill building. This will be the same format and information that was presented last weekend.

Friday, August 21 – Needles 101

Want to penetrate a partner in new ways? This introduction to play piercing will have a substantial practice component, so that you’ll leave with knowledge, skills, and new muscle memory. Trying out each step as we go, you’ll learn to set up your scene space, decide on needle placement for pain or aesthetics, minimize risks while piercing, and add the extra touches to make your needle scenes memorable.

No experience is needed. Supplies and inanimate demo subjects will be provided; you do not need a practice partner for this workshop.

Purchases your tickets online now! Workshop is limited to 16 participants.