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S.S.C. vs R.A.C.K

After hearing Robyn Friedman's NCSF presentation "BDSM and the Law" we have had some interesting discussions in the office about legal responsibility in BDSM activites. We asked Robyn to tell us her opinion of the legal ramifications of the two most common credos in BDSM culture: "Safe-Sane-Consensual" and "Risk-Aware-Consensual-Kink".

I was asked...

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More useful and sexy skills!

We are very pleased to offer two workshops this week. On Thursday, we have 8 Things I Wish I'd Known About Polyamory (before I tried it and frakked it up) with Cunning Minx of the Poly Weekly Podcast. On Sunday, we have invited Will from Naming Desire to share Conscious Self-Pleasuring...

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