August Events and Education


We invite you to escape the summer heat and discover how to generate you own, sexier heat with our August workshops. Take note of our special event, Bike Smut on the second Sunday evening, replacing Erotic Massage Night while they are on summer hiatus. Tickets are always cheaper if you purchase in advance, either online via or in person at the Library.

Sunday, August 2 – 2:30pm
Rope Bondage 201: Getting Creative with the Basics ~ Educator: Jim Duvall

Once you know the basics, it’s easy to start building more “complicated” ties. There will be a quick review of the 3 basic knots/wraps with variations on each, and then Jim will introduce a few intermediate and versatile knots. The rest of this class will focus on developing the skills needed to devise your own combination of bondage ties, including harnesses.
CSPC Main Space: $40. Advance: $30 (Solo) $55 (Duo)

MinxLusty-7299-1-Version-3-1024x681Saturday, August 8 – 7:00pm   
Painless Poly Dating 101 ~ Educators: CunningMinx and LustyGuy

Join LustyGuy and Minx as they share the secrets of painless dating in the poly and kinky scene. Attendees will learn how to build a philosophy of dating, how to navigate the dating waters while loving your existing partners and how to have kick-ass dates every time. Whether you are solo, partnered or practically polysaturated, this class will help you add anesthetic to your dating toolkit and wrestle success from the jaws of dating defeat.
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance:  $20 (Solo) $35 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)

sciencefrictionPoster-aliengirl-SEATTLE-webSunday, August 9 – 7:00pm
Bike Smut 9: Science Friction ~ An international touring film festival celebrating human powered transportation and sex positive culture.

Compiled of submissions from all over the world, we aim to build bicycle culture by bringing people together and showing them how sexy bikes can be! We believe that by riding bicycles we take control of our transportation, of how we move across our communities and interact with them. Bicycles free us from the rigid boundaries of a car. By asking our community to make erotic films, we can help redefine obscenity, and free ourselves from the capitalist ideals of pornography. Bike Smut is about reclaiming agency over our daily lives and defeating the patriarchal appropriation of our bodies. Bike Smut only plays in front of a live audience.
CSPC Main Space: $10, $7 if you ride your bike. Advance: $5 (Solo) $8 (Tandem)
Free indoor parking for bicycles.

EvelynEveyWednesday, August 12 – 7:00pm     
Getting What you Want ~ Educator: Evelyn Evey

Want to get more play? Want to get more out of your play?  There are many stages involved in the sexy, sexy process of making play happen. In this class Evelyn Evey will help you learn or enhance your skills for approaching potential partners, negotiating, maximizing fun in your encounter, increasing your chances for repeat play, and cultivating the right reputation. Learning or polishing these skills will help to facilitate you getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t!
CSPC Annex: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $34 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)

Saturday, August 15 – 12:00pm 
Intro to Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship ~ Educators: Nekole Shapiro and Allena Gabosch

Sex-Int-Rel-Nekole-AllenaJoin Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro in a workshop designed to clear up some of the ambiguity around these topics so that you can more joyfully and powerfully engage in the culture of Sex-Positivity.

Enjoy the whole series: What is Sex?; Increasing Intimacy; Conscious Relationship; Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship In Depth.
CSPC Annex: $40 Advance: $35 (Solo) $55 (Duo) Whole series of 5: $140 (Solo) $220 (Duo)
Whole series of 5 workshops: $140 (Solo) $220 (Duo)

Sunday, August 16, 11:00am
Orgasmic Yoga – Creating a Self Pleasure Practice ~ Educators: Will & Katie

Will-Standing-by-wall-254x300Orgasmic Yoga is conscious self-pleasuring and exploration, and doing Orgasmic Yoga in a communal erotic space can be transformative! These Orgasmic Yoga practice sessions will weave together the heart and genitals in the heart-field of supportive community. This often produces a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this erotic trance state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom. This event will involve breathing, savoring, sound, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention.
CSPC Annex: $15. Advance: $10 (Solo)

Saturday, August 29 – 12:00pm 
What is Sex? ~ Educators: Nekole Shapiro & Allena Gabosch

It’s hard to have fabulous consensual sex with another when no one has words to negotiate with. Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro as they keep the conversation going on What is Sex? as part of their Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Series. You will be surprised how much you learn.
CSPC Annex: $40 Advance: $35 (Solo) $55 (Duo)

Sunday, August 30 – 3:00pm  
BDSM 101 – ~ Educators: Mickey & Leah

Entering the world of BDSM can be a daunting task. Finding your way through all the different labels, techniques and styles is difficult for even experienced players. There is no real book of standards and much of the information is presented as absolute but the next source can contradict it completely. This class will survey all the ways people get kinky with each other and help every attendee find the parts of this very vast subject that sing to them.
CSPC Raw Space: $25. Advance: $18 (Solo) $34 (Duo) and $50 (Trio)
($5 off at the door for Passport Program members or AYCE cardholders.)


Featured photo by Jim Duvall.

Difficult Conversations


Whether it’s telling someone you love that you’re moving on.  Having a conversation about how sex or the type of play you’ve been doing is no longer satisfying.  Telling a partner that you want to open your relationship.  Letting a partner know that you really don’t like their new partner.  Difficult Conversations are just part of being adults.

Allena HeadshotActivist and educator, Allena Gabosch will share guidelines you can use to prepare for any difficult conversation. She also has a few recipes to a engender a successful outcome.  She’ll cover mistakes we all make when having such conversations, as well as some great way to “diffuse” difficult people.  This class includes time to talk about specifics and get ideas on how to deal with YOUR difficult conversation.

Bring your concerns and compassion on Thursday, July 23rd at 7pm in the FSPC Studio. Purchase discounted advance tickets online or in person during Library hours.

Minx is back to teach on Sunday!

Minx podcast bw

Together with LustyGuy, CunningMinx of the Poly Weekly Podcast is back at the Foundation with a workshop this Sunday at 7pm to share online dating tips for anyone who wants to use FetLife to meet people.

They will share how to spruce up your Fetlife profile, make a respectful approach to the object of your kinky affections and how to respond to not-so-great approaches.  By the end of this class, participants will be able to identify common profile gaffes, optimize their own FetLife profiles for the best response rates and craft a clever and considerate message, as well as respond compassionately (and educationally) to a not-so-great approach message.

Tickets are on sale now online for $20 though Saturday night. Prices go up to $25 at the door.