Navigating Your First Poly Relationship


Pondering your first foray into the wild and wooly world of non-monogamy? Dazzled by the buffet of terms, or confused about how one person’s polyamory rubs up against another’s open relationship while yet another’s relationship anarchy is looking interesting across the room?

righttotheheart-editJoin Cunning Minx and LustyGuy this Friday evening as they take you on a guided tour of your first poly relationship. Learn how to identify, communicate and negotiate your needs and expectations, how to deal with changes in yourself and your relationships and what kinds of questions you should be asking yourself and your prospective partners.

Buy your tickets early to take advantage of multiple discount options.  Solo tickets are $20. Purchase Duo ($35) and Trio ($55) tickets to attend with friends or sweeties.  Ticket prices are $25 per person at the door. Workshop starts at 7pm. Doors will open at 6:40pm.

We will be in our Studio, which is in the southeast corner of our parking lot. Look for the dark green building with the white B on the corner. Enter through the double doors between the two potted rosebushes.

Purchase your tickets now!

Explore Your Sexual Identity

Did you miss last winter’s Identity Salon and Mixer? Sar Surmick and his fantastic team are back with another event! This Saturday June 11, we are hosting a Sexual Identity Workshop from 5PM to 7PM. Once the workshop concludes, you are invited to the Identity Salon and Mixer to continue the conversation and try on various identities.

Sar-lablesIdentity covers a lot of different aspects of who we are. Our sexual identities cover everything from our Sexual Orientation, to our Romantic Orientation, to our Kinks & Desires, to our Sexual Power Orientation. It’s no wonder that we are fascinated by it, both in ourselves and in others.

Join us for an evening about the fascinating and intricate facets of sexual identity. We’ll explore the wide pallet of sexual identities available, talk about the sexual you, and discuss how to live with our identities in a world that is not always accepting. All sexes, genders, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, and communication styles welcome and celebrated.

Later that same evening, we’re hosting a Mixer where you can join us in this safe and open space. Come hang out with people who share your interest and maybe your identity. This magical time is a chance for you to bring that identity you don’t express often or try on something new.

At the Salon we’ll have people on-hand to help craft a new look. And we’ll have ambassadors to answer questions and help ease you in. It promises to be a magical night of exploration and awakening. We hope you’ll join us.
If you’re interested in attending both the Workshop and the Salon/Mixer, save some money and purchase the combined Workshop & Mixer ticket.

To attend, make sure to either purchase your tickets online or email us to reserve your spot to pay at the door by Friday evening. This workshop and salon/mixer requires a minimum number of participants.

Creating Safer Spaces

Since last September’s Education Summit, we have been working on a “train the trainers” workshop series. Our first one was How To Teach and Talk About Consent at the NCSF Consent Summit. This workshop was very well received and there have been requests for more education in this vein.

The next one is Safer Spaces: A Guide for Educators and Organizers with Dani Weber on Saturday June 11th starting at noon.

DWWith many different social justice lenses to consider, how can we effectively cultivate safer spaces in our workshops, events, and online spaces? Join us to learn how to be a “politically correct” superhero, through fostering a positive feedback culture and environment for trust and growth in the spaces you create. We will also have an overview and facilitated discussion of key considerations regarding race, gender, sexuality and accessibility.

Diversity is something we all can have more of. To make this workshop accessible to as many people as possible, we are offering a discounted ticket for individuals or organization representatives. Please email to be placed on the reservation list at the discounted rate of $15.