Japanese Rope Bondage is for Lovers


Today’s guest blog post is by Jonathan of Seattle Shibari who will be teaching a workshop on Valentine’s Day for couples who want to explore bondage. If you would like to sign up for this workshop, you want to buy your tickets early, because we are limiting this class to 10 couples.

Japanese-style Rope Bondage (Shibari, or Kinbaku) is enjoying an explosion of popularity in sex positive culture. As a product, it is undeniably visually compelling, with intricate patterns. What is even more compelling, though, is the wonderful trust, intimacy, and surrender involved when two people tie together.

That’s right: I didn’t say ‘Tie Someone.’

I said ‘Tie Together.’

I prefer this verbiage because for me, Shibari is like a dance, where two people draw near to one another—bodies, breath, and spirits. Like a dance, there is a lead and a follow, but both people open themselves to cues from the other about intent, pacing, rhythm, direction. Like a dance, it requires communication. Indeed, for me and my partner, Shibari is communication: emotional vibrations passed along a cord that binds us to each other for a moment.

As a professional rope artist, I am required to be able to rapidly tie intricate, precise rope designs on people, in performance and photoshoots. From sensually brutal semenawa (‘torture rope’) to graceful, floating suspensions, I embrace rope as a way to evoke powerful feelings in the viewer. That’s all well and good…and a hell of a lot of fun. The more I tie, though, the more I appreciate just how simple and wonderful Shibari is for intimate, wordless communication between two people.

Effective communication requires some vocabulary and structure! Want to expand yours?  Join us on February 14th, Valentine’s Day at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, as we explore sexy rope skills and fun exercises to connect via rope with our partner: Japanese Rope Bondage for Lovers.

On March 26th, we’ll also be offering Floorwork Patterns in Kinbaku. We’ll explore effective ways to place your partner into different beautiful positions on the ground, and transition them smoothly & safely from one position to another.  By the end of the class, you’ll have learned a basic kata/form you can use to do a hot, multi-position floorwork progression, and use as a template for creating your own, individual progressions.

BondageforLoversJapanese Rope Bondage for Lovers and Floorwork Progressions in Kinbaku are presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, and hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

About the Instructor: Jonathan is a Seattle-based international rope artist who performs, ties for photoshoots, and teaches Japanese-style rope bondage. Together with his partner Oryx, he is dedicated to spreading appreciation for this beautiful art in the Pacific Northwest via his website, SeattleShibari.com. Jonathan has taught numerous sold-out shibari workshops in Seattle, and travels regularly to train with internationally respected master-level  kinbaku teachers.

Koe Creation visits Seattle in February with Two Classes


In February, we are hosting two very different workshops by visiting educator, Koe Creation. The first on Saturday February 6 from 1pm to 4pm is Advanced Techniques for Excellent Handjobs and the second is The Great Wide World of Non-Monogamy on Monday February 8 from 7pm to 10pm. Read all about these great workshops in our calendar.

Koe Creation is a sex educator for the 21st century! Koe shares their unique life experiences from a second-generation pansexual, polyamorous, kinky, sex-positive perspective. Instructing people on how to get passed vague or shameful conditioning around sex, gender and sexuality to beable to create enriching and communicative relationship(s) in their lives. Koe has actively been doing sex education since 2005; presenting workshops in the US and Canada on healthy relationships, non-monogamy & sex-positivity. Koe is currently living in the Bay Area, offering Koe-114relationship coaching, workshops and public speaking for the sex-positive, non-monogamous and kink communities.

We offer discounts on solo, duo, and trio tickets if you buy in advance before the day of the workshop. Tickets for Advanced Techniques for Excellent Handjobs and The Great Wide World of Non-Monogamy are available online at StrangerTickets.com or in our Library. Advance ticket sales end the midnight before the class and only solo tickets are available for purchase at the door.

#SEAF2016 Call For Art Closes soon!


Our largest program, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, is scheduled for April 22-24 this year. The first big step in getting ready for this main event is to choose all the art to hang on the walls and what to print in the anthology.

The Festival is accepting entries in the categories of Visual Art, Literary Art, Interactive Installations, and Store Art until January 17, 2016 at 11PM PDT. (Performance Art proposals are being accepted now, an are not due until February 22, 2016.) This means you have less than a week to get your art finished and uploaded into our Artist Submission Portal. to start the process.

After all the art is submitted, our Juries and Curators will carefully go through all the art and choose what will make up our 2016 Festival Exhibition.

The Festival website has more information. You can read an overview of how to submit art, get tips for making a successful proposal, check out the benefits of submitting art, and learn about the double submission opportunity for Visual artists. If you still have questions, email artisthelp@seattleerotic.org. Good luck!